question of availability of some ac scratch items

So when pc launches I will be starting probably on ship 3, but there is some scratch items I will be missing that I really want. Specifically the Valkia and Draulia female cast sets, how is the availability/price of these units?

Help a caseal out 😧 I'm worried Valkia will be hard to get as it was awhile ago

I'm a ship 1 resident and can't answer about the economy of ship 3. Just for info, the minimal prices on ship 1 at the moment are as follows.

Valkia series: body = 236k, arms = 168k, legs = 946k, head = 1,286k.

Draulia series:: body = 126k, arms = 131k, legs = 127k, head = 735k.

Please note that ship 3 has different population, the price there might differ greatly from these.

Not really knowing the economy, how much are those prices? Is that a lot or not much?

edit: also thanks for the reply!

If you got to level 50 in any class and started the ARKS mission of that level, you can earn enough money to buy most of these every week. Still for a new players, the Valkia legs and head can be a bit tough at the beginning.

Also, the prices of player tradable items differ from ship to ship. It's best if someone on ship 3 could have answered, but it seems not many players from ship 3 regularly post on this forum 😕

@Fiona-Respha well if there wont be server problems I may just do 1 or 2, I am going to buy ac scratch items so maybe I can get something good to help nab them sooner than later.