Partizan Hunters: Questions

Hey everyone! I am eagerly looking forward to the NA release and so have been trying to decide on a class to "main" and I saw the Hunter. I really like the aesthetic and moves of the Partizan Hunter, but I see a lot of negative information about it from those who play the JP version. I thought about going Hu/Fi with Partizans and eventually go Hu/Ph.

Are Partizans really that bad? I understand that the Sword performs better, but is the Partizan performance actually that low?

Thanks in advance for any information you can help me with!

As long as you build correctly it should be fine. Suboptimal just means you get more playtime with your favored play style 🙂

It's an underused weapon so there are only really a few people that would be able to give you an actual complete answer. The TL:DR is that it's kind of high maintenance between managing gear and PP and the more intensely you play it, the more annoying it becomes.

It's a very high damage weapon with relatively large range for melee weapons but it has no movement and the majority of its PAs don't have much in the way of movement so you have to be willing to make a bit of a commitment and plan your attacks ahead of time. It really benefits from knowing the enemy because it's part of a class made in EP1 and as such it has a clunky feel to it at times. Honestly though it isn't suboptimal at all but it just has some noticeable weaknesses.

It's skills are not the best and the a lot of the weapons without camos look kind of ugly. Honestly easy fix with the blue sweeper and the leaf camo that turns it into a naginata. It's not bad, but the damage output is not as much as other weapons. But it is fun sometimes.

I ended up affixing a Gunblade for now. Mostly because my goal right now is to max level my classes.

Which is going to make me hate myself when I try to do Story on Hardcore for S Ranks lol

@Noctosis Yeah, plus you would get a lot higher level weapons later on to have fun and enjoy the lance with.

I've been playing around with them since the NA release. i agree with other users, it takes work to use a good one correctly. the hard part is finding a good one to equip. i have one now with a melee in the the high 500's? and its really nice.

the weapon ability when u hit right bumper on the controller is this protective barrier type thing. it seems useless at first, but i was fighting the sea boss (garados?) on the boat, and when he did his beam cannon i used the ability and survived. My 2 partners died, it worked for me twice and i got the res!

very under appreciated weapon IMO

@Meeshi-Meele fyi you are supposed to use the turrets to stop that huge bullet

@Noctosis Just wanted to add you can also hook him with the middle one.

@ERICK001BC that's true. I never have it up as I use it constantly lol.

@Noctosis we did figure that out but thanks! just got an even better one that kept me alive during the falspawn main body event a bit ago. Its a "Deo Reisenoch+10" that has 769 MEL Pwr (w/ +30 Mel pwr, Burn III, & Exp II augments/potentials)

I kind of hate to do this but if you still want to play the weapon consider taking a look at this guide

@The-Raven Pretty detailed.

The only disadvantage to partisan is its hard to find good partisan mid to endgame weapons.

@ZeeHero9271 True, and the ones that they do have later on, aren't as top as some of the other weapons. Same thing happens to the wire lance.