Uprise of botting already?

I ran an advanced quest with 3 others, and I found something quite odd about one of them. They seemed to just stand in the middle of enemies and didn't do anything other than follow us. I tested further by standing still and they kindve fidgeted a bit, but would stop. There was even a Rappy coming up to us to sing, and they did nothing. I called it out in chat and no response. Once the Rappy got to us, they continued to fidget. Didn't know this game sitting on Xbox would already have such things on it, but it appears so. I've even seen them in the mining limited quest 😕 which makes it worse to run.

That's just leechers, there's an auto-follow system, it can be easily activated if they're in your party. If not they're just following you just to leech

There's also no auto-kick system in the game. If you're in an exploration quest/mission, you can just sit around forever, and if you happen to end up in an emergency code while AFK'ing, then you'll probably end up getting the rewards for just being in the trigger area.

So they use it inside of the lobby as well? I saw two in ship 2 b23 just now that kept fidgeting the same way 😕

Xbox can be streamed to PC, so it isn't impossible.

But bots joining random in AQs doesn't seem very probable.

there is some "clever" antibotting measures in this game, i wouldn't worry about it too much.

It's not so much a worry as it is wasting my time. Advanced quests take capsules, MPAs literally eat your possible run. I recall jp having leechers at times but this is a bit more...the fact meseta sellers exist here and not on jp is already a bad sign 😕

@Noctosis RMT exists everywhere, even JP.

A botter has no reason to join random advanced quests, the revolsio weapons aren't worth much and the expensive weapons can be earned from Exploration without ever firing your own weapon.

Most you can do is report people. There will be much cheating in the near future.

Well...botting to get comparable weapons to farm meseta to go sell seems reasonable enough.

I suppose the only way to avoid this is to somehow always have a group of good people to run with. Yay alliances I guess

@Noctosis Unless doing VHAQ for experience, I find SHAQs to work better running solo with AI anyways.

Just wait til we have Ultimate Quests, Buster Quests, etc. The leeches will be much more apparent. We need Expert blocks when the spongey missions start coming out.

@John-Paul-RAGE ult quests I never did on jp, fell off on the wayside apparently. Buster I remember it first came out and everyone went attack and never used lasers lol

@Noctosis I played when ult first came out and I was too weak to do the expert title, it was pretty crazy. Would basically be one or two people trying to carry the rest of us.

Not sure what it will be like with our current weapons and balancing, though. Might not be too bad.

I felt weak there even with lightstream weapons. Not sure why ultimate locales are just...spongey I guess.

Hey, if all things goes bad, you can always lock the MPA to yourself. Setting a password up and locking everyone out is doable in PSO2

@Kageshiro-Ryou said in Uprise of botting already?:

Hey, if all things goes bad, you can always lock the MPA to yourself. Setting a password up and locking everyone out is doable in PSO2

Friends Only also works.