Upcoming PC launch update 「Wish list」

I got a wish list for the upcoming PC launch on the 27th & I wanted to see what everyone's are; to keep it simple you can only list 5 and bullet point them. Here is my 5

  • Crafting System

  • My Arks snow white uniform (Profile picture)

  • Extreme Quest stages Heaven and Hell

  • New Emergency Quests (EQs)

  • Episode 4 Content (All of episode 1-4s content not bit and pieces)

That's my short 5 wish, what's yours?

They changed the name Emergency Quest to Urgent Quest for some reason.

My list mostly consists of quality of life stuff such as updating the User Interface and modernizing it.

I do want to play Episode 4-6 upon the launch of PC PSO2 and continue where I left off in the story back in JP, which was waiting for Episode 7.

There are lots of things that people want. All the past events that we couldn't buy back in JP because our regions were not supported. (This is more of what other people want.)

For me, I just want the stuff I had back in JP again.

Hmm, I can't say I have any particular wishlist for the PC launch, though I think I can address a couple of these.

  • So the crafting system... from my understanding, the result of some of the content that was removed for streamlining the game (Old Type weps, etc) results in the crafting system not being useful right now until at least Episode 5 or 6 which is when I believe it might be active.

  • New UQs are certainly coming, more explanation on that in the next bullet point.

  • Episode 4 content... its still too soon for Episode 4 to release. The way the team seems to be handling content releases of this sort is to give each Episode some months-worth of focus by doing things like releasing UQs related to it. As of right now, we are at the tail end of Episode 2's UQ content so most of June to probs July will be focused on Episode 3's content. Once Episode 3's content is finished however than we might see the release of Episode 4 in its entirety with the coming months being dedicated to Episode 4's various UQs. Personally... given that Episode 6 is coming to an end pretty soon and the way that Episode 1-3 (comprising the "Oracle Saga") were released together, I think we may get Episodde 5 and 6 content available at once... with UQs of course giving time to dedicate to each Episode's content.

Hope that clears some things up! 🙂

@Zarozian , as described above it may take a while... though I should add that its currently theorized that Episode 6 is indeed the last 'story' update apparently.

First post here, been participating on Twitter and Reddit and tracking this forum for a while hoping the PC launch would bring more than the Microsoft account login method but figuring it won't now.

As a PC player who couldn't play before, my list of desires for a PC launch is not focused on future content but the state and availability of a game that is still going to be new to us:

  1. Ship 4 is absolutely crucial. 5 and 6 would be nice too, but Ship 4 is the minimum for all the players that want their start in PSO2 to be in a completely fresh environment. Ship 4 is the Ansur!

  2. The reappearance of an item from an event or campaign that has ended, along with a commitment for more to follow. PC players need to know we haven't missed out on desired unique content forever while we waited; that would just be punishing all the patience we've shown these last 3 months and upsetting players is never a financially sensible thing to do.

  3. At least 12-24 hours to preload. The game is looking to be ~68 GB. That's going to be around 4 hours to download even with a moderately good connection, and many players aren't blessed to have that.

  4. Obviously, no avoidable bugs. We've been told for 3 months now that "PC doesn't need a beta because the JP servers are on PC". If it turns out that there's a game-breaking bug on the PC version of the western server that a beta period would have easily caught, that would really add injury to insult, you know?

The crafting system can certainly be released at least for Item Desynthesis, Crafting PAs and Techniques, and Crafting Timed Abilties. Go ahead and grey out weapon/unit crafting until it actually makes sense to release it.

@Leonkh99 To be honest this is a wish list so I’m not sure what “addressing” things that I wish to come out with PC launch is really doing. It’s like saying “I wish I could win the lottery” then you come and say “well let me address why you can’t win it” Very odd.

The crafting system is incredibly useful for timed abilities & PAs; that’s what their main use was when it was first established in Episode 2 ( we’re in episode 3 atm)

@Maxwell said in Upcoming PC launch update 「Wish list」:

  • Extreme Quest stages Heaven and Hell

  • Episode 4 Content (All of episode 1-4s content not bit and pieces)

These 2 are unlikely, since all of ep3 urgent quests are still not released, and ultimate quests and challenge will likely come out before ep4 as well.

@Zarozian said in Upcoming PC launch update 「Wish list」:

I do want to play Episode 4-6 upon the launch of PC PSO2 and continue where I left off in the story back in JP, which was waiting for Episode 7.

Not only the ep6 story still isn't finished on JP, the next expansion is not going to be ep7.

@Ezodagrom Jesus mate it’s a wish list like just post what you want it’s not a “what I expect list” Also extreme quest heaven n hell I swore came before episode 4 but I could be wrong

@Maxwell said in Upcoming PC launch update 「Wish list」:

@Ezodagrom Jesus mate it’s a wish list like just post what you want it’s not a “what I expect list” Also extreme quest heaven n hell I swore came before episode 4 but I could be wrong

Just making sure to keep expectations in check, a wish list doesn't have to be unrealistic. ^^;

About the extreme quest, while it is indeed an Ep3 quest, on JP it was released at the very end of Ep3, while it's possible the order of release could be changed, it's unlikely it'll be released so soon.

About what I think should release with the PC launch, I think they should release the mothership and daybreak miasma urgent quests in the same update. While it's possible either of them or even both could be skipped, they do introduce new mechanics and are fine exping urgent quests to help PC players catch up.

After the next wave of new quests I have a fifth wish after all:

  1. No more new events!! We've got the casino event (7 days), vocaloid concerts (7 days), daily login rewards (automatic so no burden), forming a 12-man 10,000-point alliance (13 days) and clearing up to Episode 2 Chapter 5 of the story, Xia's client order, at least 6 completed bingo cards and at least 3 urgent quest completions (all 26 days).

It's manageable, but many of us will be new! If we need to level up to do the client orders or get to the difficulties of the urgent quests that give those unique rewards, we're going to struggle to do those in time and if we have to do any more events on top of this it's going to start to become too much to keep track of, you know?

At the very least if we have to have any more new events, can they bring back some of those items we missed out on for our patience?

@Ezodagrom See the thing is where in this thread did I say this is an expectation; You again came to this thread for no reason. This thread is just a wish list heck even someone said they want Episode 4-6 content on the 27th; am I saying "woah man check that expectation", I'm not because he/she is just saying in another words "Can you imagine if we got X".

You could even say you'd want the successor classes like Hero and sure I dont think it's possible but I'm not going to say its an expectation because you're just wishing for it and not expecting it.

Maybe this is helpful but Wish is a noun where you describe a desire or hope for something whereas Expect is a verb where anticipation for something coming or looking forward to something confirmed coming soon.