Consistent freezing(Xbox)

Hey, I'm sure I'm not the only one getting this but I seem to keep crashing at least once a day during limited quests. Nothing like going through half a mining mission and getting kicked out of the game due to it, causing the meat of the xp to be lost. I'm just hoping PC doesn't have these bugs considering it's...native to it...

I had an issue with my x box freezing after extended play times with using the function that quick boots the console. I am assuming it's like a memory leak or something that is happening. Either turn that feature off or restart your console once a day. Hopefully that is your problem as well

@Penndragon87 I actually have all settings turned off considering landing on Block one kills frames. Pretty much everything is disabled, so the fact that the game crashes there must indicate a memory leak or a bad pointer...which I could guess considering they removed the native code for Xbox code(not a game dev just don't believe they run the same code base)

@Noctosis well I didn't have to touch the graphics to get it to stop crashing. I was speaking about the actual x box settings themselves. As soon as I disabled that quick boot thing that keeps the console on all the time the issue went away. That block one frame issue isn't gonna get fixed until we move to pc so I'll just live with it until Wednesday.

If you aren't on the Xbox One X then it could be worse, but going to dashboard while gaming seems to slow the game down kinda. Also long period of gaming seems to also slightly slow it down too.