SHIP 1 Ephinea is recruiting!

Hi everyone! We are a new alliance on Ship 1 looking for new members. We are a small alliance now but look forward to growing. We help new players, run UQs, EQs, AQs, and time attacks. We also enjoy lobby ratting and goofing around in our down time and a few of the members like to get eachother involved in other games outside of PSO as well. We do have Voice chats on Xbox live and have our own discord server as well. If youd like to join or would like to get to know us add me on discord. Zeara#1077

What's supposed to be the goal of the alliance, I mean what can I give to the alliance and what can alliance give me? In general, I'm not exactly talking about you alliance but in general I'm interested in the alliance system.

Also I may be interested in joining your alliance if I go for ship 01. We will see.

@Chiryuu2609 The alliance has a tree that can give your character boosts. Theres also monthly events Sega holds for the players as an incentive to be in alliances and the rewards are usually cosmetic and triboosts or other random items. The alliance also gives players extra storage if its unlocked.