Pc is finally coming, any news about Ps4?

Hello, i'm new to the franchise and i don't know much at all but i can't wait to play this game. I made this topic to ask when there's going to be a Ps4 NA version of the game (if at all) and if in the last months something new popped up. I don't have a xbox and playing on pc i wouldn't be able to speak (and my pc sucks) so being able to play on my Ps4 would be perfect. Thank you for reading!

Right now there's no word on when it's coming to other consoles. I mean look on how the PC announcement was handled. (TL:DR - It wasn't handle very well on both ends) The other obstacle is Sony's New Biased Policies on what and what can't be included on their platform.

@Diamond-Cats258 I thought Sony backed away from those stupid policies because of the backlash from fans about cross play

@WildJenna , they still have strict censorship policies which no other console manufacturer has.