Hunter main with Force or Techer sub

Is it worth it?

It's not worth it.

I personally wouldn't, techter is best with hunter as the subclass. Hunter has enough ways to heal from automated to healing shield that they don't necessarily need to have magic.

Technique. Only Ali** uses magic in PSO2.

I'm pretty new to the game, so I can't say how good the Hu/Fo is for sure, but I'm finding the versatility of the combination to be crazy awesome, particularly specializing in fire so I can the fast charging fire techniques. I'm going into a Fury Stand with Wired Lances, so I can mix up fast attacks with (hopefully) Perfect attacks going on then blast off some fire spells while I'm in there with a maxed out fast charge.

@Frathlir If you want to use Techs as a Hunter, then your best option is Summoner for a sub. Not only does it allow you to use Techs, but it also has general damage multipliers that boost both your Melee and Techs (the former which Force has no multipliers for, and the latter which are worse on Force as a sub), and gives you access to very potent Stat-Up Skills (+150HP, +200 All-Pwr, +200 All-Def). Additionally, you can still use Flame Tech Short Charge since it is available as a Right Ring.

Use summoner as a subclass if you need access to support techs for Hunter. Force and Techther do not have skills that mesh well with Hunter.

If you want to cast techs for damage, then Hunter main won't do you good at all. Might want to consider just actually playing a tech class or consider something like Techter/Fighter or Techter/Summoner.

I took a look at the trees for Techer and Summoner. The overall boost to the TEC skills seems to be much more significant with Force than the other two. If I was going more melee, those two would definitely make sense as they boost my MEL more than Hunter would alone.

The thing is I'm using TEC skills, as often as I'm using my MEL skills, and it seems like (at least so far at 30Hu/40Fo) that making them both dedicated gives me that versatility I'm looking for in my character as I play, with a max increase of 245TEC as Force compared to 225 with Techer, which feels more like a support/buff class than the damage I'm seeking.

Comparing Summoner damage bonuses to Force yields similar results, with +40% fire damage spells as well as the +20% on top of that for charged Fire skills, which I can trigger 50% faster with Flame Short Charge Skill. I even put on the Element Conversion at 1pt (No need to go higher if I"m only using fire) to get 50% of my weapon's element bonus on top of that.

Techter gives more support, Summoner seems to give a bit of damage to both my TEC and MEL, but at the cost of my TEC being much weaker.

I understand that it is possibly not the most efficient way to play, but I'm been having a blast (Figuratively and literally) with this setup. I can get melee attacks that I'm finding easy to do Perfect Strikes with to increase my damage, and the fast charge, damage boosted fire gives the range I sometimes need or just a mass AoE effect.

I do appreciate the opinions people are giving me about this, so I better understand what I'm getting myself into with this concept. I really wanted to try something that wasn't the most commonly beaten path, something that will feel different. Thankfully if I feel like the Fo isn't working, I can just change my subclass and try Summoner!

Though I do have a question: I seem to have accidentally fed my harmonizer you get from Pietro to my mag. Where can I get another? I didn't see one for sale at the weapon shop.

@Frathlir You do you, I guess. But something you need to revise in your assessment is that Elemental Conversion doesn't work when Force is your subclass since it is a Main-Class-Only Skill.

As for the Harmonizer, you just need to keep checking the Weapons Shop NPC since the stock updates multiple times per day (I think every 30 or 60 minutes) and will eventually have the Harmonizer.

Whoops overlooked that fact on Elemental Conversion! Thanks for pointing that out!

Also, thanks for the heads up about how often the store changes. I will keep an eye on it!