Seeking Ship 1, UK/EU or earlier NA alliance to join

Greetings fellow ARKS peeps ☺ I am a casual but not entirely new Alliance'less player, on daily around 17.00 - 00.00 GMT. Just wondering if an Alliance is out there with players on a similar time frame, and want a lacky to fun run and help newbies gain exp etc.

I have Discord and an optional headset and keyboard (on Xbox). GT: ultimatequinoxe and current character name: EquinoxE


Hi Equinoxe I am UK alliance leader on ship 1 with 5 uk players looking to recruit more, we are active small clan community with up to 24 members or more. You would fit into our community no problem

Please contact myself GT: B3LLYBUST3R186


I will add you later so we can chat to see if we are the right alliance for you

@B3LLYBUST3R187 you accepting more members, Im currently on ship 2 low level just started but ill be transferring asap, PC player, Player ID Frosted15

So I cant transfer characters at this time, but il still make a character on server 1 because server 2 gets busy at night time