In game calendar.

It would be nice to see events in game and not have to visit the news website every time, or at least have all the calendar events on one calender.

I think this is not the right form for this but a news email or text notifcation would be nice too.

That would be nice. Very nice. The need to check up official site or user blogs to find the details of ongoing events is something I hate about this game.

I like this idea. Another functionality of it could be similar to World of Warcraft's calender which allowed for the leader of the Guild/Alliance to use in-game features to plan Alliance related runs.

Currently requires using out of game features to plan any kind of trigger-quests with Alliance members. The message board isn't really adequate for that.

I didn't even think about alliance stuff! then the officers woulnt need to shout it ever 2 hours!