Regarding the character height restrictions

@Novaline Yikes, I'm not supporting a nsfw mod for them. People that do that are creepy. I'm just pointing out that female Lalafells can look like kids and can wear skimpy outfits. Also, just because there was a race like them in an older game, doesn't mean that Square needed to put them in. If they were at all uncomfortable with the race, they wouldn't have put them in the game. There are DEFINITELY voices that make them sound like kids btw.

Let's keep this thread clean guys. I'm sensing some people being jaded over both views and don't want it to break out into something worse. Let's keep it to critical thinking and rational arguments. It's not my intention to make people angry.

@Wiibu said in Regarding the character height restrictions:

@Novaline Yikes, I'm not supporting a nsfw mod for them. People that do that are creepy. I'm just pointing out that female Lalafells can look like kids and can wear skimpy outfits.

So that is your reasoning for PSO to follow the same suite as FF? Sorry, but this entire thread is creepy as hell. You are literally going out of your way to say that you want to create childlike girls in a game that heavily revolves around skimpy outfits. Do not sexualise children, and I don't want to see childlike characters roaming around wearing bikinis - it is disgusting.

Whether your intentions are innocent or not, other people's wont be and i certainly do not want to see them. I'm here for the gameplay, not a sick fetish

As a Korean player, i always find it hilarious that you westerners set so many rules in game against child fetish, but everytime there is a news about child sex, its related to some American white male that believes in Christianity or even a priest.

Idk. Lala fell and tarutarus are a specific race of shorter body types, whereas the races in pso usually have human looking body types. I can see why they've locked the body size as to not make sexy loli looking characters that could be looking like minors. Lalafells in that regard, can only look cute.

@SoppierHades8 I am specifically asking for shorter characters, not the ability to make childlike characters (you can already do that anyway). You can make characters that look mature that are also short. That is what people are missing. Regardless of that, people already have characters in this game and FFXIV that look like kids and are wearing skimpy outfits. The height restriction change does nothing to stop people from doing so, while limiting people that want to make shorter characters for no reason. Instead of a 4 foot 5 person in skimpy clothing you have a 5 foot person in skimpy clothing.

My argument is that the height change doesn't fix the issue at all and isn't a rational one to make. If they really viewed this as an issue, they would remove all of the skimpy outfits from the game (which would be terrible). I just think they should change it back as all it does is limits the ability of people to make a character that they want.

@FlatterFrog126 Refrain from insulting people please.

@ShAdOnIc Either way, I don't think limiting the height to 5 feet and above fixes the problem. People can still make a 5 foot character look like a child and have them wear whatever they want. I think the change doesn't do anything to fix this and just limits people that would make short characters for other reasons.

@Wiibu I am just telling the fact. I grew up in a small city in Korea, but i can see news like this almost every month on TV

@FlatterFrog126 Even if you didn't mean to insult people, you insinuated that western white men are more likely to be pedophiles which comes off as offensive. I just want to make sure that this thread doesn't turn into a shouting contest where people are throwing insults at each other. Sorry if I misunderstood your intentions.


Cool cool, not only are you being unironically racist, you're also being insensitive as fuck about children that do get abused by sick, twisted adults.

News flash, white people aren't the only people that do that sick shit. 🙄

@Novaline While I agree that they were being ignorant to the fact that there are sick adults and abused children in all parts of the world, please don't insult them. I really want this thread to remain civil.

Edit: (This is aimed at everyone) I don't want this thread to derail into arguments revolving around pedophilia and insulting each other. If you are going to be irrational and insinuate that people that want short characters are pedophiles or insult people that are on one side of the argument or the other, please refrain from posting.


I get you wanted a civil thread about this, but honestly after that comment that guy made, it's pretty much done. I'm not going to contribute anymore to it.

The height restriction isn't a problem, and they have more important stuff to work on rather than reverting their decision.

Just wanted to add this. Some valid points all around.

@Novaline I think it's important and changing back would be incredibly easy for them to do. Thanks for sharing your opinions.