Regarding the character height restrictions

Hello everyone.

I'm writing this to bring attention to the character height restriction in the NA version of PSO2. Every other topic I've seen on this has because incredibly hostile at times, so please refrain from that. Currently, the character height is said to be restricted to 154cm (according to Arks-layer). While messing around with the Japanese character creator, I was able to get my height to 139cm. This difference is nearly half a foot which is, by not means, a small amount.

When I contacted a GM to ask for the reasoning for this change, they told me that it was due to ESRB rating. However, I feel that this is false and they are trying to restrict height for no reason. My reasoning for this comes from FFXIV, another MMO. In FFXIV, there is a race that are called Lalafell that can be far shorter than 139cm and can look very young. The minimum height for Lalafell is 86.87cm (2'10.2"). Not only this, FFXIV has skimpy clothing as well. This means that you can make a Lalafell that wears a bikini. Here is a quick example I grabbed from google. It should be noted that FFXIV has the ability to do this and still retains an ESRB rating of T.

With all of this in mind, the NA PSO2 team really shouldn't be worried about the ESRB rating being pushed to an M from it's current rating of T. I feel like they are just being overly cautious because they are falsely thinking that this may push their rating over to M. Unless they can give us actual proof that the ESRB threatened to give the game a rating of M directly because of the height slider, I'm calling this reasoning bunk.

This game is supposed to be a role-playing game and character design plays a huge part in a player's enjoyment. Height doesn't directly relate to age (especially in a fantasy/Sci-fi setting). I've seen some incredibly irrational people that think that making a character short or small makes someone a pedophile, but this is such a flawed way of thinking. Part of the fun of these types of games is playing different races. Limiting these races to what humans are like in real life is, quite frankly, stupid as they are in fictitious worlds. This is especially the case with CAST. Why should a robot race be limited height wise when they aren't even human. That makes little sense.

I don't care if people are against or for limiting the height system. The fact of the matter is, this is a change that didn't have to be made and limits the character creation for no reason. Like I said before, they should be able to retain a T rating due to Square Enix doing it with FFXIV. Even if they can't, The game is rated CERO D (17 and up) in Japan. The game is supposed to cater towards a mature audience anyway. Don't change the game to try and cater to a younger audience when it wasn't intended to in the first place.

Anyways, I feel that they should change the minimum height back regardless of if the game will be given an M rating because of it (I doubt it will). Sorry for the rant, but I feel that the PSO2 NA team is making this change for no reason and are giving this ESRB rating excuse even though it isn't real. We were told we would receive all of the content that Japan has, but that is clearly a lie. I understand that some collabs won't happen because of licensing, but making a change to the character creator is unacceptable. Please remove this arbitrary restriction.

I feel that we should at least have an official poll to see what the community would actually want. They made this change without consulting players and that is what upsets me the most.

It's not going to change, no matter how popular it would be to do so.

I respect their decision for limiting this here. There is no reason for that to exist either with some of the outfits that are available. I see no way how this will detract from the game experience at all. You can already make characters short enough. The same way you don't understand, I don't see why someone needs to be shorter to enjoy the game. Regardless it's obvious they will not change this.

@Zipzo We'll never know unless we try. I just think the ESRB reasoning is a lie. There is no way that FFXIV can get away with Lalafell in a T rated game and PSO2 can't get away with the minimum height that the JP version has. The minimum height in jp is around 4'7" while the minimum height for Lalafells is 2'10.2". that is a difference of 1 foot 9 inches.

@Penndragon87 less ability to customize a character directly relates to my enjoyment of the game. My character is the lens through which I experience the game and that is important in an rpg. Does someone having a shorter character detract from your experience? I think that allowing the minimum height from the JP version does more good than bad.

I'll give another example of why I think that the argument against shorter characters is irrational. Let's compare the character creator and the symbol art system. These are both systems in which players are creating something that other players can see. If I create the shortest character possible with the JP minimum height and put them in a skimpy outfit (I'm picking the worst example), it at most makes some players uncomfortable.

If we take the symbol art system, there are far worse things that can be created with it. I've seen people make straight porn with it. Obviously this is something that is put up with because the creativity also allows for more enjoyment and good than it does bad things such as porn and inappropriate imagery.

If the symbol arts system and the massive amount of creativity it allows is allowed, then the character creator shouldn't be restricted. Allowing for more creativity allows players to have more control over how they want to play the game and, in turn, increases enjoyment.

Alternatively, they could implement a system that enables players to make all characters under a certain height at the current minimum. This way, people who don't want to see the shorter characters can flip this setting on and not see them while people that want the JP minimum height can still enjoy their characters to the fullest extent.

The lalafell is such a poor comparison I'm not even sure where to begin, as is the gnome from World of Warcraft.

They aren't going to for obvious reasons, and also disregarding people with height "handicaps". There was a big thread 10+pages about it in in game suggestions.

@Zipzo How so? I didn't use Gnomes from Wow as they obviously don't look like kids. That said, Lalafell do look much closer to kids. I used them as an example because they look close to kids and can wear skimpy outfits specifically.

You don't need characters that short.

Lalafells were based on Tarutaru from FFXI, which was made over more than a decade ago. Also, they resemble more of gnome-like humanoids rather than children, as the males of these races have facial hair. Even in their voices, you can tell that they are NOT children. Your argument there is lacking. In the FF14 modding community, it's looked down upon to make NSFW mods for Lalas. You ask for a NSFW mod for Lala and you're practically asking to be banned from any website/Discord/etc for mods there.

The ESRB rating makes sense, I think you're just upset you can't make a child-sized character anymore. 5' 0" is already short enough. This thread is going to just be like the other threads where OP can't accept that the height restriction won't change, so they call the game "unplayable".

@Novaline I'm by no means calling the game unplayable. I just think the change was made for no reason. It feels like an arbitrary change that they made because they are overly cautious of ESRB rating when it likely wouldn't change at all.

@Wiibu said in Regarding the character height restrictions:

@Novaline I'm by no means calling the game unplayable. I just think the change was made for no reason. It feels like an arbitrary change that they made because they are overly cautious of ESRB rating when it likely wouldn't change at all.

Are you new to westernized Japanese games? This kind of "censorship" happens in tons of games, usually in the form of covering certain outfits up and what not. Xenoblade X had it's bust slider removed, and height minimum also raised. It's just a fact of western culture, they aren't as comfortable with that stuff and they will always change it for the western audience.

Short of changing America's culture as a whole, this will not change.

@ERICK001BC Yeah, it's such a silly change to make imo. That's a good point you brought up about people with height handicaps.

@Zipzo I also think that the changes they made in those games were arbitrary and not needed as well. Games like those are supposed to cater to the more hardcore JRPG fans anyway, so changing the game to cater towards people that they think might be offended by something is a bad move imo.

It's also fallacious to assume that, just because we have been doing something a certain way, we should continue it doing it that way. That is an inherently flawed argument. I'm by no means saying you are thinking that way, just the western developers that make these arbitrary changes in general.