SHIP 4 Public Discord Server (Might be Ship 3 if Ship 4 is not going to be released) :disappointed:

bump for more tractions, and crossing fingers for ship 4

bump because we just hit 60 members!

bump for traction!

bumping because the flame is still up

bumping for good measures, we're very close to 50 people now!

bumping before a good night sleep

Bumping after a good night sleep 😄

bumping because officials has announced that they acknowledged the problem at hand!

Bump for anticipation of news

it's been about 8 hours since the last 3 tweets bump _(┐「ε:)_

Bump since 1 hour ago :v

ship 2 is broken bump

bump because ship 2 is fixed and regius is back

a big bump to promote! we're hitting 60 members!

we are hitting 60 members very soon! bump!