Fresh Finds Shop Questions (and Lorette Beldia)

Will Fresh Finds Shop items ever return? 😕 If you miss an item that shows up one day (an item showed up that I've really wanted sometime last month and thus, missed and I haven't seen it since), are you forever out of luck or could it rotate back in?

And is there any way to change the color of Lorette Beldia or no? I was so excited to see it, I rushed to get it to use a Color-change pass as I had the outfit in pink on the Japanese server. If not, I guess I wasted all my Star Gems with my excitement which sucks as I haven't really found a good way to earn them and they seem really pricey to buy, but I suppose that's my own fault ._.

There are tons of post regarding how to obtain Star gems on here as well as rotations on Fresh Finds.

Fresh Finds do have rotations every 2 weeks, but so far I haven't see the EXACT same item return. I have seen variations of items return but I do believe that ALL fresh finds will be returning at some point so I would not stress this.

As for Star gem acquisition: Wear outwear/outfits for 22hours (Put on, you can log off, come back in 22 hours and claim). You don't have to be playing for 22. 22hr real time.

Do, Quest and tier missions. Also Title challenges reward them.

Daily logins sometimes and giveaways from Sega log in campaigns. (Random)

I also recommend making 2 more characters for more chances with star gem/meseta.

I'm aware how to earn them-- as I said, I haven't found a good way to. I don't really like doing the same specific quests over and over to farm and I don't enjoy changing my outfit just to earn them so... It's also such small amounts that, even though I know it'll eventually add up, it just doesn't feel worth it to me.

I do hope they cycle back around 😕 I hate how limited this shop is.


Was just checking.

Well I mean if you made a second a 3rd character or opposite genders, you could leave them every 22 hours as harvest for outwear/outfits. This wouldn't effect your main character and you could still get 10-20 daily. But I do agree there are not a lot of ways right now to grind Star gems.

Here is hoping.

@ERICK001BC If I do make an additional character, I may consider doing that. Are Star Gems account-wide? At the very least, I'll be playing more once I can play on PC and hopefully that'll help with the grinding too 😕


They are account based. Similar to the meseta, Fun and Casino coins.

The outfits which we can change their color have this color parameter. If they don't have this, their color can't be changed.

PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 (colorchange).jpg

It's too late for the Lorette Beldia, but I hope this might help in future cases.

Has the pink one released already? I know I saw the white, shadow & night ones.

Sakura variation haven't appeared yet. So it's possible to appear in this (fresh finds) season.

@Fiona-Respha said in Fresh Finds Shop Questions (and Lorette Beldia):

Sakura variation haven't appeared yet. So it's possible to appear in this (fresh finds) season.

So with some good luck you may still get lucky and have it show up!. And whats wrong with 2 outfits..........other than the fact you already wasted star gems. 😕

@Fiona-Respha Ugggh, thank you. I forgot about that part >< Well, now I feel like a huge idiot.

@ERICK001BC Yeah, my only issue is I literally had exactly 407 Star Gems and there is no way I'm making 400 back if it does show up. 😞

gonna just go mourn it and the White Cherry Earrings now then. I get why this shop exists, but god I wish it wasn't so limited and I can't say I particularly like Star Gems much 😕


I get it. I missed out on a few things, nothing to major but still. No pink either, maybe next time. Keep being strong. Gives you time to grind until they have better ways.