What did I click through? (Auxiliary)

I went to complete my aux missions,he leveled to 33/27 and I was just clickin thru the dialogue like always and an extra box popped up and next thing I know he says "ok, ill stay the same" what did I miss? It would really suck if i missed some free chance to edit his looks or something. Ne one got any ideas?

If I recall correctly, it likely asked if you wanted to change its personality. This just changes their dialogue and the PAs and Skills they use in combat. It should eventually give you the option to change it again if you continue to send it out.

Ooooh, ok thanks ^.^

The Aux ask if you want to change their personality. Female and Males have different options but it just gives them different dialogue, different items they can give you, and different attack and defensive move set as well as some buffs.

I tend to keep it as stay the same for my main one. But there are buffs, I used to use this: http://www.pso-world.com/forums/showthread.php?210597-A-guide-to-Support-Partners

Also, 2 things, They will ask you at random intervals and you can also reset it in the salon but it resets everything on them.