Ship Capaacity - Preparations for Windows 10 Players

Hi, question.

Are there going to be more ships available for Windows, or are the existing ships going to be expanded for capacity?

I have an Xbox player waiting for us Windows 10 players with a guild, but I am a little worried that the ship might reach its limit.

What preparation is the PSO2 team making for the Windows 10 players, and what can we expect next week?

They unfortunately can't answer this, since they aren't the dev team. They just pass on what they know when they are told to. This kind of info would be something they would give themselves to the public before responding to a forum post about.

I wouldn't worry. Even if those 3 ships where not released yet, The 1st 3 ships are only ever full for max 4 out of 60 blocks. I don't think you have must to worry about.