just got disconnected and now all servers say under maintance. (solved)

I just got disconnected from the game. When i try to reconnect, it shows both ships are under maintance. It keeps giving me error messages.

Is anyone else having this issue at the moment?

maintenance- darn autocorrect keeps changing that on me. sorry don't know how to edit while on this phone.

Sorry for the spam, but wanted to post the solution that a player posted on twitter. He said to go back to the xbox homepage and leave the pso2 app. A message will pop up that xbox live has to sync with the pso2 app. Let them sync. Then once it is done, you can reconnect to the pso2 beta app. The game will then allow you to connect online and choose a server.

I followed this and it did work for me. Once the syncing was done, I was able to get back into the game. So hope this helps if anyone else had this glitch. 😄

~ Happy Gaming!

Thank you for this! Going to archive this in the technical issues section and I've let our Live Ops team know!