PC Download

@Caiofc maybe I will try this after my factory reset happens is this working for you now with no problem?

thx @Blackichan08 not my tweaker ^^ only post here

@Blackichan08 I installed yesterday and played for ~5h, now i just opened the game and it's still working fine. I usually leave my PC 24/7, so I'm not sure if Windows store will fuck my game when I restart the PC, as happened with others, but nonetheless the Tweaker solved the download/install problems

@Caiofc I dont even know mine had been on and been fine till I closed it down today and re opened I think I may have clicked no on permission by mistake though. I never even turned off virus when installing nothing did not change a thing was perfect till today. But none the less my factory is at 90% now I will try it again but dude just leave your pc on I will till they patch it or being it down for matience. I had closed and reopened many times before today as well with no issue

@Blackichan08 See, I had the same problem, You didn't need to do a factory reset., What I did was go a re-down load the app from the store and it re-wrote itself , after that it installed the game. that was it.

Hey "Microsoft" i heav an idea make a global download of PSO2 (Phantasy Star Online 2) NA Version for ur Microsoft Windows 10 Store !

Star Trek Online is only NA server and can play anywhere.

or give it EpicGames or Steam ^^

I'm not having problems. I am having fun!

@LostButton50970 Lmao so youre just coming here to take the piss on us people that cant play. Brilliant.

@ShodBread192877 That is a Rather cynical perspective, Don't cha think?

@DDDLife it would not let me fella kept saying something went wrong on our end. I was at my wits end inwas sooooo pissed i did not care about lag nothing it was so fun to play l.

You know, maybe it's a good thing they didn't do an official global release. Imagine how much worse things would be.

@Grave-Knight FINALLY! Someone with brains!! 😄

i got it working on launch day and played for like 6 hrs straight didnt restart computer just left it there while i slept and when i went to get back on game was broken so its not just when you restart windows, if you get it working dont even close the damn game just min in background forever (or until patched)

@ImposterDuck619 Odd? I can turn off my Pc and Re-start. it works just fine.