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@Caiofc My game is installed where Windows is installed so scratch that. I think its windows store messing with files. Gotta be cause i deleted my anti virus, turned off firewall and closed a bunch of programs and still crashed.

@Caiofc It windows store cause i see some files deleting and re apearing. Dont know if thats normal in the gameguard folder

From my experience you need the Windows 10 Xbox Companion app running in order to launch PSO2. It relies on the app. You can minimize the app but don't close it. I don't know if that is the issue that is causing some problems.

So I was able to play like 20 hours, still having to reinstall the game every time I restarded my PC, but now the microsoft store won't even let me install the game I just keep getting error 0x80070003.

@LostButton50970 Yup nope still crahes and i get the FAQ GameGuard ERL error page http://www.gameguard.co.kr/eng/con_13.html any ideas?

lol...no not really...however mine did crash too. It loaded the game without me starting the app and then Ship 2 was Full status. And then afterwards it wouldn't even launch. Then I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and now it's working properly. Now I just load it through the Windows 10 Xbox App.

Ok so today I got the error where i could not open the app at all after playing for day's I went to arks tweeker I manged to open the game but to a black screen that is just loading i can here the sega noise in the back ground, I left it in the end it loaded to the pso2 screen but without the press any key to start just the back ground this was after about 3 minutes. never took that long my pc is quite well upgraded. I then removed the tweeker and now the launcher is working fine just doing a file check and will try and open the game again and hope that it dont take forever to load and displays correctly i will update soon it' saying like another hour and 20 mins to check the files via the launcher.

How can it work for days then crash with out any update why they just did not give it's own launcher is crazy i've spent what 80 pounds will be mega pissed if I cant play anymore.

okay after reinstall PSO2 from windows store will no more finally downloaded PSO2 now.. only stucks on 10.96 gb than error ! and yes i heave used "wsrest.exe" and lokal us on store 🙂 20 new pc start´s later nothing happend

PSO2 resintall Error.jpg

wrong retry.jpg

i use windows 10 x64 Pro 2004 may update, razer black widdow chroma black rockat kone aimo mouse and swarm driver
nv gtx pny 1080 xlr8 oc and last driver 446.14 and msi x570 mb carbon wifi last amd chipsatz driver driver installed and a "Creative Soundblaster Z" with last web driver

nothing will help, come one Sega bring it live on "Steam or Epic" please or MS fix this faster

I uninstalled the game and remove the game files Now it just says something went wrong on our end when i try to click install can anyone on the microsoft store help please. honestly was working fine till that damn launcher what the actual hell is up with this I'm no pc guy but this really should not be this hard to play

@FireSnake077 at least u can download it for me I'm just getting something went wrong on our end I tried the Wsreset as well nothing if this sfc scan fails I'm just going to reset the pc I think

What a mess honestly, better be a hell of a game after all this fucking bullshit people is going through

@ShodBread192877 dude it's amazing honestly not had this much fun in a long time till today when it broke for me. I just reset my whole pc. As after it broke would not let me uninstall just be careful they really need to get on this or it will kill the game

What I can recommend to everyone who has problems is that:

  • uninstall the game and then download it fresh from windows store, but do not open it.
  • use the community made tweaker to download the rest of the game, update, check the files and anything else acording to this tutorial: https://arks-layer.com/setup.html

I spent 2 entire days messing with permissions and shit, and acomplished nothing, but after doing the fresh install by the tweaker I can now play nicely. 🙂

game is nice it´s runnig, only my reinstall of PSO2 is broken stuck´s to other hdd with more space

My pc isn fresh windows install from ms 10 pro 2004 final iso ^^

the launch is not perfect and the installations btw reinstall thats correct !

okay i can understand not all will use a tweaker to play pso2 , only download and play , hope Ms fix it fast.

and sorry for only one game a clean reinstall of a windows 10 2004 copy no way

@FireSnake077 your tweeker thing was my first step when I got my error but after I used it I got stuck on title screen could hear menus in the back as if i pressed keys but only saw the title screen background but thank you for all your work and help to the community anyways. Maybe they should give you guys a job