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i was playing for 2 days and now my game is not launching while this "wsappx" process is running (windows store update?). My game folder is close to empty, seems my files were moved to a data folder (which has a grey cross atm).

I'm not use to windows apps, any idea?

We have asyan characters... on a occidental PC always get problems with security. All this you must doing inmediatly after downloading the game from the Windows 10 Store, before opening the program for the first time... if you try doing after, the permissions changes for the computer and we have to reinstall all the game from the windows store...

  1. Windows Defender: Add C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Mutable\100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j to exclude 0c8f1561-fc62-433b-a9cb-8e7cc0c987c0-image.png 50537768-c143-432f-9628-7f9e0b7bbc4b-image.png d052da0d-10a5-466f-9862-4bf245db1b64-image.png 87946380-57e3-418f-88fd-77ba0bfb1677-image.png

  2. Administrator rights: Configure this thing on all .exe on the 100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j folder, on Propieties > Compatibility and check Execute this program as administrator. (pso2.exe, pso2download.exe, pso2launcher.exe, pso2predownload.exe, pso2startup.exe, pso2updater.exe) 3db64440-567d-4e7b-8078-60225f457c75-image.png 1a28053e-acc9-46ba-9c70-a51c2b948252-image.png 18907276-3832-4ec9-a8ef-6aa87220e036-image.png

  3. Permission ownership shit: Configure all permission ownership shit for you as administrator user: Propieties > Security > Advanced options:

  • 100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j folder
  • otp_notice_na.rtf

@Aguileraxk said in PC Download:

@Humanoide Hey guys i think y got it!! the fix for the launcher!!

go to c:/programs file/windowsapp/mutable/100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j Now follow this steps:


For error code 140 do this steps on the files: pso2.exe.pat and pso2.exe.

Sin título.png

For error code 1813 do this steps on the files: otp_notice_na.rtf and otp_notice_na.

Sin título2.png it works!!!

Again: Doing this before the first opening after download from the store, if you try to doing after, the permissions changes.

Sorry my bad english, and my spanish Windows on a english forum. I hope you can solve this.

some one know how to solve the error 23 otp_notice_na.rtf.pat?

@DrScoresby29 yup i have no clue whats going on .. hopefully someone can translate that to english? XD

Someone has any idea why my game crashes on Sega logo, ive tried it all, even with the Tweaker still crashes at logo. Anyone has a slight clue, i am so close to playing it 😞 ALso i reached to the menu of the game but says No User, i have everything in place, the email, xbox, everything. I just dont get it. Even with the tweaker.

Finally got the User but the when i hit enter it crashes. And in the tray i say a bunch of gameguard logos poping up, i think its a program thats causing the crash. SO CLOSE anyone here has an idea what kind of program could cause this crash.

EDIT: Its Gameguard the problem. Its closing by itself.

okay now i heave in use now new tweaker for pso2 NA version thy will run now thx a lot team

see in Pso all EU Bro´s and Sister´s 😉

serach on google pso2 NA tweaker need framenetwork 4.6.2 or higher version

okay now i heave in use now new tweaker for pso2 NA version thy will run now thx a lot team

see in Pso all EU Bro´s and Sister´s 😉

serach on google pso2 NA tweaker need framenetwork 4.6.2 or higher version

https://na.arks-layer.com/ Download link

https://na.arks-layer.com/tweaker-install.html manual

@FireSnake077 Still crashes cause of gameguard

@ShodBread192877 said in PC Download:

@FireSnake077 Still crashes cause of gameguard

Same still getting the 1014 crash from Gameguard


fix gameguard fix pos2.exe

fix files permissions

and file check 🙂

@FireSnake077 Is the game deleting files? Cause i was missing files.

@FireSnake077 IS there anything in this task manager that might affect gameguard or cause pso2 to crash? The game works evertything no errors, just crashes when starting new game. Screenshot (104).png Screenshot (103).png Screenshot (102).png Screenshot (101).png Screenshot (100).png Screenshot (99).png

@ShodBread192877 And this error too, anyone have any idea of what the actual hell is this Screenshot (105).png

@ShodBread192877 I think problems with the gameGuard could be related to your antivirus messing with it. Try to whitelist the game directory.

If it doesn't work it may have something to do with messed permissions, or windows store messing with files. Second case I heard can happen if you install the game in a different place other than where windows is installed.