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phantasy star online 2 needs ms store for ur ID to play pso2 or? thats my problem no final install 11 gb of this from ms store or xbox ms cansole

u can see it here on page 35

edit: tweaker dosent fix WindowsApps pso2 11gb folder or yeh only pso2_bin folder

Fixit plz.jpg

for that folder need a fix to say ms pso2 installation is okay to ms store use my ID 2 play pso2

in that folder i cant use copy & paste

Now the tweaker is giving me problems, says this error and that i need a new app to open this ms-xbl-numerbers. Anyone any ideas. Close Existing Process Exception - System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception - -2147467259: Access is denied

A 2012 game

There is a new update for the Xbox Companion app that is replacing the old one. When you start it it tell you to download it. But you must have the latest Win 10 to help. This new update will be the norm and replace the old one. You need this Xbox app for Win 10 to play PSO2 properly. I was trying to load the game today and it was being funny and then I updated the old app and now it's running better. It has options to connect your social accounts like Discord though I found no use for it.

Sigh, windows updated and now the game won't run again. When I try to reopen the launcher it says "pso2launcher.exe is already running".

@FireSnake077 check out this Tweaker Install Video byy Scyushi. He has the Microsoft Store Fix file you need, directly from the same group that made the Tweaker. It fixes that error. You need to run it in PowerShell while Windows is in Developer Mode.

Sigh...I had to update windows and now I can't even play. I don't know how to even fix this without reinstalling for a whole day and I'm too scared to mess with files. Seriously wish the game was released on Steam.

PSO2 error.png

They announced it will be released on other PC platforms soo yeah gonna wait for that...AGAIN the wait continues. Just fucking amazing. The graphics arent even good, they look dated as fuck. Atleast update the graphics to look mid 2015- 2016. Kinda lost interest by now.

@ShodBread192877 well the game is 8 years old. But the Tweaker is the way to go for now.