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Anyone know how to reverse the change permissions stuff? It's changed all of my files into randomly numbered/lettered files. and I have a feeling I may now need to reinstall... but the data is still in the folder.

Cool- that does make sense. Never heard of a smoothly releasing MMO before so honestly none of this shocks me! Thanks for the swift replies folks! 🙂

So I have the same issues as some have reported and I had quite a rollercoaster ride with it: First I had the annoying 0x87e0000d error on the Microsoft Store, but that went away by itself after a few minutes of leaving the download on 'Error'. Then I got into the Launcher and it started to download everything but got stuck at the last 6 files and the famous 'otp_notice_na.rtf' file and now, the launcher tries to update itself after restarting but gets hanged up on that particular file. As DariusThorne mentioned, I hope that its currently in the works to be fixed by the team while I'm running a repair of the PSO2 app in the Windows settings. I just wanna play T_T

Boys i thing i got it !

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you see there is something writen like "otp_notice_na.rtf"

so i was going into the folder and the folder named "otp_notice_na.rtf" was in read-only and i could not change it bc of admins rights, story short

go directly into the folder and change you as the administrator, rly hard to explain bc i was chaning alot in that folder...

@RukaziSintakumo The Guys are trying to fix it smh just stay tuned though!

@NooSeven I had the same issue and changed whole folder owner. Still getting the error while having read-only non checked 😞


Yeah I tend to agree here- mmos bug all the time on release and usually it gets sorted within hours! Just sit tight peep, see what happens! Messing with file permissions may lead to you having to completely reinstall or messing up windows even!

@DariusThorne send me the error

bc after that i finally uncked that he was giving me another error with pso2.exe and i also had to uncheck the read-only

Don't bother with the files guys, you might just end up breaking stuff. Wait for a fix, the game hasn't even launched yet.


found a way to fix the 1813 error without reinstalling the whole game, just had to change the owner of the otp_notice_na.rtf file that is inside the 100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64__wyfsmff9ynw7j folder from trustedinstaller to admins, and set the admins to have total control of the file, not sure if it works 100% of the time, but it worked for some Guys. Not for me but for some of 'em

@Lewdest-Galina said in PC Download:

Don't bother with the files guys, you might just end up breaking stuff. Wait for a fix, the game hasn't even launched yet.

This user got the point. Maintenance stops in an hour more or less. We should wait for an official answer or just retry at that point.

@DariusThorne I just changed everything. Accounts, total control of the files. I wish that it works in an hour.

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@MarceTinelli As long as you get an update error it should be fine, I guess

I'm also getting error 1813. I had an issue with the PC and had to reboot in the middle of the update. I hope I didn't break any permissions of the store 😞 .

Additional info in case someone is interested: Also had to set the region of my computer to United States from Argentina in order to be able to download as I was not getting the install button.


@TheOsoWave You can just add the game to your cart from pso2 online page. And then download it from microsoft store and you don't need to change your region. (I'm from Argentina too)