PC Download

Mine just gave me a new launcher. It was downloading since 6 am. Haven't even gotten to launch the game...😔

At this point, I can't even get the launcher to work. I try to launch the game and absolutely nothing happens.

I've made a guideline so you guys have a united place to check error workaround: https://forum.pso2.com/topic/2854/guide-pso2na-pc-error-compendium

I am getting no errors, the only problem that i am having is that the updater crashes the Launcher. " Opperation Processes reaches till 20 sec then boom crash".

Hey guys, I can't uninstall the game. I know a few of you reinstalled it how did you do that. When I press the button it does nothing and if I try to delete the pso2 bin folder it sais I don't have the permission.


I've got 350 GB free on my drive and the "management_beta.txt" file doesn't even exist inside the "PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA" folder losing my mind here.

Just did everything said in permission error guide, and now this:

Аннотация 2020-05-27 211331.png

Honestly, I can't remember a more frustrating game launching.

Lucky for you guys, I can't even find the download button haha

I just "uninstalled" the Game, too much of a hassel to get the Game up and running, and even if you did everything right, you still can sit there with nothing. I had to fiddle with permission to even get rid of that data crap because "Muh Microsoft Store". Off you go from my PC

Back to other Games.

@Zaiphonx Please tell me how you got rid of it. I've been screwing around with permissions too and I still can't rid of it and I'm currently stuck with about 55 gigs of useless crap. Every time I try, I'm hit with this.Error.png

@MrNovaxc I have the same problem here. I tried to delete with powershell but it didn't work either. The best is when I press the uninstall button it simply does nothing

i have no error finally but if i try to start the game it loads a little and closing all after that.... can someone help?

@PalpablePlane71 Funnily enough, I think I managed to get rid of it. I have no idea what happened exactly, but I managed to do it. I'll come back to this when getting the game up and running isn't such a colossal crapshoot

@MrNovaxc Do you have any idea how you did it? I am still fighting with it.