Will there be fresh servers opened up (Can we get a GM response please?)

Will there be new servers opened up on the PC launch please GM's?

Now that the launch date has been announced, I am hoping that you will be able to offer at least some information so that we can start planning in terms of unofficial EU servers etc.

Thank you

Based on responses from GMs in the other topics, they don't know if new servers are opening up with PC launch.

To give some insight why that might be @Ragnawind and @SoppierHades8 ... the decision to open up new servers may not be down to the GMs (Live Ops and Community Team) but rather down to Sega of Japan (managing servers, developing updates, etc).

@Leonkh99 Yes, I appreciate the GM's are not the ones who are physically going to open the servers, but they will obviously know whether new servers are going to be opened for PC players.

It is basic information that they will surely know, and if they don't they can find out for us.


Yes and no @SoppierHades8 , it appears that Sega of Japan and ESTsoft (the firm providing live ops / community management), for some reason there are certain topics which Sega of Japan and ESTsoft (the firm providing community management and live ops) are not entirely in sync. Case example can be seen in how the official launch was handled... from the looks of it, Sega of Japan moved the game out of Beta state without much of a message in advance to ESTsoft.

Its not a bad thing to bring it to their attention but just felt like I should bring this up in case there's not much in terms of response on the matter.

@Leonkh99 Well that is embarrassing.