OPINION TIME! What would a release outside of NA be to you?

Hope they will add some eu/uk friendly changes in there uq schedule. Because from looks of the new schedule it looks half of them. Is when eu/uk are asleep or are still sleeping. Also almost every day has 5 - 9 hours of no events. Were they could just add some fun uq for there eu/uk players.

@kyamell Well it's not that friendly to NA who work Night shifts either. But I mean, we are the minority.

@ERICK001BC said in OPINION TIME! What would a release outside of NA be to you?:

@kyamell Well it's not that friendly to NA who work Night shifts either. But I mean, we are the minority.

I didn't it mean it like that I meant that they could more uq in schedule were there are large hour gaps. So they can attract more players outside of na. And to give players outside of na a reason to stick around and not go back to pso 2 jp or start pso2 jp.

@kyamell I think they not only need more uq but def more rotations of type. Every time I get on it's usually my least favorite ones to run.

No offense was take either, I was just saying. Sucks for me and for everyone working those hours. Maybe why a lot of my friends are from other countries, UK especially.

The game was apparently rated by PEGI? If so it's quite possible there may still be an EU version down the line.

If it does happen, I can't help but wonder how it will be handled. Will it be a completely separate server, will it share authentication with NA but have separate ships located in Europe with their own urgent quest schedules fitting for our timezone (while still allowing EU players to pick NA ships and NA players to pick EU ships if they want), or will they just share everything with NA (the 2nd one would be the best one in my opinion).

@Ezodagrom Not rated by PEGI, the game was submitted to the IARC; a system which allows you to get game ratings from different regions at once.

By changing regions on the MS Store you can see that PSO2 also has a ACB (Australia) and GSRR (Taiwan) rating as well.

You can find them here: https://www.globalratings.com/

and the Australia Classification Board entry confirming the game was submitted through the IARC: https://www.classification.gov.au/titles/phantasy-star-online-2

That said, on a similar note... if you read PSO2's Privacy Policy you can see that it is compliant with EU privacy laws...

I honestly think that a PSO2 EU release would just be the NA version treated as a 'global' release, maybe with or without some EU hosted ships (PSU and PSOBB didn't have EU servers... the 'global' servers were hosted in North America).

What i am scared about an eventual EU release, is that they may do what many other publishers do, and charge Europeans the same amount they charge in dollars, but in our currencies, which are more powerful.

We have this issue with Nintendo, for instance, which charges us 49.99GBP to America´s 49.99$ Only 50GBP are 62USD

I almost prefer the current situation, at least it´s cheaper for us, which helps to offset the fact that we need to spend a bit more to procure Gift Cards from reputable sellers with non stolen/counterfeit cards.

@Calli-Tahmo Pso2 itself wont be region locked, its the microsoft store that is region locked. i got you though, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhQ4v61Y3OA that will get you playing

@IfrianMMO might be a tarrif bumping the cost up, i know when i buy warhammer 40k models i am getting charged an extra 10 to 20 dollars before shipping.