OPINION TIME! What would a release outside of NA be to you?

A release outside of NA would be a separation of community. People have a hard time making a japanese account or don't want to play there because they are scared of a sea of kanji, and bringing it to NA has made a lot of people consider it. Now, I'm european (spanish to be precise) and I've told people about this release. A lot of them say "I would play NA if they don't make an european release" which puts them on hold and they won't play. One of them in particular would hate having to start over.

A release in SEA or EU would split a community that was already split by the japanese barrier, and now that its gone we don't need to send them in different spots. PSO2 uses a P2P kind of system to determinate your results ingame, I noticed it after I've heard people ask "where is this shifta/deband/resta coming from?" and I've learned that if you dash away in your screen but in mine I managed to hit you with a resta then you would be affected by it regardless.

So, in conclusion: Would be bad. Should've been named PSO2 international but it wasn't.

@ERICK001BC Because we have a different timezone in Europe. NA urgent quest schedules are not friendly at all towards EU timezones (actually the JP schedule works better for an EU player than the NA schedule).

With 3 unused ships at the moment, why not use 1 or 2 of those for the EU region once the game comes out in Europe? (if it ever does come out in Europe, but still, a couple ships with an urgent quest schedule fitting for the EU region and physically located in Europe would be the ideal scenario, despite the game being very playable from far away, there are still elements that are affected by lag).

At the very least opening new ships for an EU release would make more sense than opening them for the PC release (unless the current ships end up not being enough to handle the amount of new players the PC version could bring, but even then I doubt they would need all 3 unused ships).

@Leonkh99 Honestly if its done right who cares? more money more content i say!

Would mean the Yogscast have something new to play in terms of an MMO that they could actually maybe do videos on. A lot of MMORPGs aren't actiony and instanced-based like Monster Hunter World is. So they aren't really keen on making videos of "boring" MMORPGs like FFXIV. Plus, PSO2 is one of the best options in terms of an instanced/lobby-based MMORPG, hands down. It beats out Vindictus and C9.

Even though these things exist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdSIiL5uR8k&list=PL22u9iKiYSVhTOFpVDFibHT_fjR_oOUOt

@coldreactive there is nothing boring about 14 if you are in raids or pvp. but yeah i can see streamers on pc jumping all over this cause its immediate action like monster hunter world.

Personally i have friends who will be playing the game and as a result i would love to join them at pc launch to experience this new universe alongside them...but apparently as a resident of the uk i'd need to jump through a bunch of hoops and hope that somehow i could gain access to the us client without tripping some dumb outmoded region locking software.

Get with the 21st century Microsoft and stop region locking things when folks just want to play with friends and couldnt care less about regions anymore!

@Calli-Tahmo Not defending Microsoft, they are handling PSO2 horribly, but when it comes to "Region locking" i hope you do realize that officially releasing the game in Europe as well would come at a high cost due to several factors and legal needs you seem to be ignoring.

and thats not even bringing to mind whether this was even a Sega or Microsoft decision...

Microsoft financed the release, provided the server platform and hired the localization company but many things like communications, running the servers and the actual management of the game still falls on Sega (of Japan)'s end.

While one will bring up the additional cost of running European servers, there's many MMOs out there who have 'global' releases with servers hosted in one country (its not ideal but, its better than nothing) and SEGA hasn't had problems with doing those practices in the past.

This in the end leads me to think that its more to do with licensing or restrictions to be honest...

@Leonkh99 would not be at all surprised if it is a licencing issue..though that wouldnt prevent them allowing uk and eu folks to access the us servers shoudl they wish to play with everyone else until said issues were sorted, thats the main issue i have with this matter...without using a vpn to sidestep the region part of windows store there is no way folks in the uk and eu can play on us servers which to me is dumb.

Ain't this game have some strange system, that even if game is hosted far from you, you still have good ping?

@Calli-Tahmo what VPN though? All you need is to just add the game to your library from the US MS Store website? There's no need to change your IP...

@Chiryuu2609 , yea I can't claim to be an expert on the matter but from my understanding once you are in a multi-party session the game becomes host-based. There's still some server-side stuff happening but a lot of things are mainly synced via the 'host' of the session (a session comprising of the first person to join a multi party area / UQ).

@Chiryuu2609 No, what happens is that you can have still a very playable experience while playing with a high ping, but there's still noticeable differences when compared to players with low ping (enemies take slightly longer to spawn, which can make a difference when trying to get a fast time in time attack quests, item drops take longer to appear, and it's going to affect the future battle arena mode).

I could care less about it sorry FOR 8 years I watched certain regions get the great gift of playing this game... you know what's it's like for a hardcore fan like myself? it Sucked. Now it's finally coming and all do respect to people outside NA I'm pretty sure NA isn't going to have any IP Region Restrictions... so you should be able to play PC Version

@xPALEGoDx Meh, as an European I may as well stick to the JP version, there's less hoops to go through to both play and pay in the JP version than in the NA version, plus the JP urgent quest schedule fits the EU region timezone more than the NA schedule.

I mean they always figured there was no interest in NA, similar to how anime games get released mostly on JP only because Japanese don't tend to like "outside" equipment. Like how Fire Emblem was not for the west but it quickly got fans when it did release similar to Earthbound and all those other ones. I say let them see how much people want this so they can profit and we benefit.