OPINION TIME! What would a release outside of NA be to you?

So with the occasional "when is this game releasing in Europe" questions that people bring up I wanna ask... I had been a bit curious, given the circumstances, what that would be like / what do people want it to be like? Before we start I do wanna give some context (in case anyone tries to bring up any past titles):

  • Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast and Gamecube were the only ones to have servers hosted in Europe, all future titles would indeed have European releases but simply use Sega of America's West Coast-hosted servers, this includes such titles like Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst and Phantasy Star Universe and was originally going to be the case for Phantasy Star Online 2's original 2013 Western release.

  • The first Phantasy Star Online had quite a lot of language options which would unfortunately go away in future titles; initially supporting English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese, this list was reduced in Phantasy Star Universe to just English, German and French (and Japanese for Xbox 360(?)). From here on out, all future titles (Phantasy Star 0, Portable 2) would be released in Europe as an English-only release. This appears to be a trend thats not entirely limited to Phantasy Star though as games like Yakuza and Persona 5 (at least before Royal released) were available only in English or Japanese.

So taking those things into account... what of the following traits would you want out of a release outside of North America (you can obviously list in your post as many traits from here as possible):

  • Bare Minimum: Whatever NA has rn but just made available to the rest of the world on the MS Store (or future Steam release).
  • New Ships: Same as NA but also have Ships which are hosted in Europe for players worried about latency with NA. (RIP Oceania as usual though... very few major companies host game servers for Australia / New Zealand so why would Sega?)
  • New Language Options: Despite what the past has shown, Sega can work some magic and have the game's mass amount of text be able to be localized to as many languages as possible?
  • Separate EU Client and Servers: I only bring this up since... its what appears to be implied by some people who ask 'when is a European version gonna release?' (or maybe, its just me looking a bit too literal into what is a poor choice of words) Regardless, its not an uncommon thing in the market (TERA is an example) so just bringing up here to see if its something anyone would even want.

Regardless, I look forward to see what your ideal (or realistic interpretation if you are cynical) release of Phantasy Star Online 2 outside of North America would/should be like!

I wish they would release it outside of NA just because there are phantasy star online fans everywhere, heck I was super sad when I found out back in 2013/14 we were not going to get PSO2 in NA and then when PSZ came out....my god it was a pain to find this game and I had to find 2 copies of it, sega and Sony both need to realize where their fans are, I feel like both JP offices figured we in the NA did not want nor care about games like this because our cultural is so different, I for one love this type of game and all the stuff in it, in the end the more areas this game can get to the more players we will get more friendships we can forge

I honestly don't know why it wasn't released in the 1st place? I have a few good friends from Europe who I would love to play this game with. I feel especially bad for my oldest friend who I used to play with on the Gamecube. Here is hoping.

The game is 'unofficially' available globally though @ERICK001BC . In my own humble opinion, were a EU release planned later down the line it would most likely not be any sort of separate server of game client... it would literally just be the NA version but downloadable from EU storefronts...

In the meantime, there really is nothing stopping someone from changing their region to US or Canada to play and that same account should work the same when an EU 'launch' does happen if it does at all.

I think that would be cool tbh. We could all play on the same server, and increase in people means that prices would get better with more availability and there always being someone on for any NA time zone.

I just wanted it to be available globally at the store. The current reality of my country (Brazil) makes dollar prices very high.

@Case-Mnemonic I think the base game would stay free to play. But I understand the BRL is way than the US Dollar, Similar to how Pounds in UK are much more than Us. In fact, outside of US, games tend to be a lot more expensive.

Mainly to easily access it through the store and to have prices/event times consider the EU region.

I wouldn't want a separate server though.

For me the ideal situation would be having one or two ships servers physically located in Europe, and everything else shared with NA.

EDIT: Well, not everything shared with NA, the times for urgent quests in these ships would have to be scheduled for EU times.

Because of the sheer amount of time and global fanbase. It was/is quite befuddling on the one hand why there isn't yet/if to be a true/supported global release. Region change, VPN PoP (Points of Presense), etc. shenanigangs notwithstanding.

And maybe it is planned. We'll never know until its announced to very easily hinted at somewhere. 😸


o/ =^.^=

as a european player who works during the peak european times i would rather support the NA server.

I think the community should stay together in NA to make sure the game stays healthy and does not die and has enough of a community to play on.

I think all it is required is for EU payments to be standarized and accepted.

@IfrianMMO The population is already separated into ships, so if there's an EU version in the future, I believe it would be better to have a couple ships located in EU with urgent quests scheduled for the EU timezones.

There is PLENTY of room in the NA. With only 3 ships being active atm, there being 60 blocks in each, only on high days are 1-4 full. With PC players around the corner and 3 ships still not active, I don;t see why they would waste the server space and not incorporate those servers on NA.