Do we know where abouts the servers are located, or who has the lowest ping?

I was just wondering if anyone knew where abouts the servers were located, or if anyone had ping issues in one particular corner of NA?

All we know are that the game servers are in the USA. If they are at the same location as the website, that would be Seattle, Washington. It seems the site is hosted on Amazon, however, while the game is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Ragol. Also I thought Ping had to do more with your internet provider.

But do think they are located in Seattle, unless they are running it from their company servers in CA.

@ERICK001BC , Sega of America is not involved in the active management of the game servers so it can't be their company servers in CA...

The game servers are run on Microsoft Azure by SEGA of Japan. It would be best to look at the location of certain Azure server locations and work from there.

I thought that was a partnership with.

At least the Microsoft service.

Where'd that info come from? @ERICK001BC

Just curious since well... as had been shown in the trailer and stated in the Microsoft interview:

The main infrastructure used for Phantasy Star Online 2 is Microsoft Azure. As an aside, a couple of server features PSO2 had were replaced with Xbox Live functionalities; things like the authentication, friends list and chat system are some major examples as they now interface with the Xbox Live API and servers. (this was most likely done to conform to Microsoft's Xbox Live requirements regarding ingame communications + Replacing PSO2's insecure chat system (text isn't encrypted) with something more... secure).

The only downside(?) is of course that these systems are affected not by how the game servers are running but how the Xbox Live servers are running. Many players have already noticed that they can't communicate or use emotes when Xbox Live is experiencing issues.

I haven't followed any of the actual location changes, I am just aware of Microsoft and Azure using the same cloud base website.

Might actually have nothing to do with them, As for how do I know This, My company works with them for storing patient Information.

It would be nice to have an IP address available for troubleshooting when checking for routing issues to the game servers.

Once the PC version comes out, we will be able to exactly tell where the process is connecting to, as Windows can tell you what IP a process is connecting to. (You can also tell this on certain routers if you want to find out early and have the xbox version.)

You can use Geo IP location services on IPv6 addresses if the IP is one of those:

If they are using cloud deployment like azure/aws one would think they have different instances up in different locations, like one (ship?/server?) on the east coast and another on the west.

I'm just using the word (ship/server) here completely holistically as I don't know how the instances are split (or even if they are) but is there such a thing ingame? can you switch between ships/servers? If so, does one ship/server have a lower ping for you in a particular location? Or has anyone noticed anything like this?

@NullVoyage65022 said in Do we know where abouts the servers are located, or who has the lowest ping?:

can you switch between ships/servers?

No, only when you pay for a ship transfer. The only exception to this rule is when you go to the PvP or Survival Ships, which are "Shared Ships" that all ships can connect to. However, your class is changed to a special class while you're on either of these two shared ships, and you cannot change class while on said shared ships.

To my knowledge, @NullVoyage65022 , the game's load balancing is a bit more subtle than just "Azure Instance = Ship or Block".

Basically, load balancing enables extra resources be used to host blocks which are experiencing a higher load... it doesn't spontaneously make new blocks appear as old blocks appear full.

As for ships, they are what can be considered 'shards' and (much like it is in Japan) is most likely all hosted in the same Azure instance as all of the other ships.

@Leonkh99 I dont think thats right. Load balancing for an MMO is non-trivial. A cloud management service cant just do magic to load balance client/server communication like it could for a static webpage, or a node script. If there were two instances of a ship/shard/block running simultaneously, maintaining communication between people on said ship would be infeasible. Online games segment into those blocks for precisely this reason. Thats why I thought it would make sense to place the blocks in different physical locations to cater better to different clients. Thats how psoBB did it.

@NullVoyage65022 , was it ever specified what 'regions' each Ship in PSOBB was in? The only times which Ships = Region were in play was during the Dreamcast and Gamecube version (and Xbox? Im not sure...) but starting with Blue Burst and Phantasy Star Universe, all 'shards' would be hosted on the same Server farms.

What I was referring to before about Ships, what I was mainly trying to say is that they are not distributed throughout the region to my knowledge. Each ship might indeed be a separate Azure Instance, but again... possibly being used on the same region and location given that Sega doesn't seem to prioritize having all ships active at once to give players from different parts of NA a chance to login.

As for what I was referring about blocks, I might have explained it a bit badly so apologies for that... each Block is indeed an instance yes, however following an issue on the JP version involving instances overloading during UQs, Sega apparently did some modifications to the server software and infrastructure to allow each block instance to be load balanced to prevent this issue from coming up. The kind of load balancing Azure gives to the game would essentially working off of what the server software is already capable of.

@Leonkh99 I might be thinking about an unofficial psobb... which had ships by reigon... come to think of it I dont think I've ever actually played an official version of these games online. They seem to take the servers down before I get the chance.

I can see how they might be able to load balance "rooms" once theyve been created by a party as theyre created and destroyed frequently unlike the lobbies, and dont require any/much communication outside of the rooms, maybe DMing at best which probably doesnt go through the block anyway...

In any case if we dont know where they are located, and theres no intel on ping/ship which is what im really after, I'll just take my chance when its released, and maybe experiment if the ping is unbearable in one place.

Many thanks anyway 🙂