Schraedel Katana accessory.

Odds that it will fall in “daily items”?

Been watching them, have seen a couple of the Schraedel pieces drop but not this. Hate to buy the over priced outfit when all I want is the katana accessory.

They did the hair, skirt, & a Variant of the outfit so far, maybe they are saving the katana piece for the last day of the SG sell maybe

The set won't run away. You can just wait 4 more days.

Basically, the additional items came with the recommended outfit sets also came as separate daily items. But there's no example like Sid Schraedel set having so many additional items. We can't make a reasonable guess here.

If you really want it that bad I would wait, and if it doesn't you can get the set. There is also an accessory with duel Katanas that have yet to fall.

To be fair, if you buy 1 katana for whatever it's going at now, you can make up to 4 on your person with accessories.