Oceanic-recommended ships

Please kindly consider labelling some ships as Oceanic-recommended so Australians like myself whose peak playtime is between 3am to 8am PST can find other players to play with.

Ideally some Urgent quests will be in those times as well, because right now looking at https://pso2.com/news/urgent-quests , there is not a single urgent quest in the entire of the CBT between 3am - 8am PST.

Has an Australian launch been announced?

There is no Australia/New Zealand launch announced @landman .

@javi1064 , unfortunately the game's 'service' is not 'officially' for us Oceanic players. Not only are none of the Ships hosted anywhere near us but in regards to the matter Sega can't really take that into consideration unfortunately since we are outside of their 'official support'... thats not to mean that there is a block stopping us from playing there though, but the suggestion may not be taken into consideration unless they plan to officially roll out the game outside of North America.

@javi1064 I'd recommend ship 1. Note all servers are in the West coast of the US so our ping is fairly decent. No issues from NZ