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Hey guys! With the release for PC around the corner, there's something I want to know. What is the population for each ship? Which ship has the most players? Is it just ship 1? Also does the ship have a certain 'thing' to it? Like how in Japan server Ship 2 is the English players or in FFXIV Balmung is the Role Play server.

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in FFXIV Balmung is the Role Play server.

Mostly memes now. A lot of the serious RPers migrated to Zalera and Mateus when the whole preferred world and free server transfer from congested worlds happened.

I believe someone's signature around here has an unofficial RP server thing.

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FFXIV Balmung

I pray this never happens here. It's creepy over there.

@Zarozian you have been summoned!

@Seirei Ship 1 was the first ship to open during the Beta for Xbox, and had a lot of players. But the servers were not prepared for the influx of people so for a while people were making characters on the other two ships as they they opened up. Eventually the JP players migrating to the NA decided to stay on Ship 2 in the west as well, so Ship 2 is where most of the veteran players seem to be/will be. Ship 3 seems to be comprised of people avoiding both Beta players (since nothing was wiped) and JP players, but it also seems to be the least populated. Ship 1 I believe has the most players though (I've seen Blocks 1, 2, and 3 get full, but whenever I check my character on Ship 2 I usually just see Block 1 full, but take that with a grain of salt because it could just be bad timing on my part).

Since none of the servers are full and Ship 1 is the first thing people will see when selecting a server, logically that is where most people will probably gravitate at first.

I am interested to see how this all changes when all 6 servers are open and server transfers are a thing. Ship 2 will probably always be the "JP" server though.

....And Balmung is a scary place >.<

@Ciel Thank you! That helps, I am probably going to join ship 2 as a fellow JP player but we'll see what happens. Honestly my goal was to just start fresh on ship 4 on release but a friend of mine wants to play with a ship that has a lot of players so to avoid having to create characters on separate ships I'll just join them.

I never went to Balmung but I've heard stories, so I agree it's a scary place.

This Balmung place is starting to sound a lot like Moonguard

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@Zarozian you have been summoned!


@Seirei SHIP 02 is where you want to be!

I am on Ship 1 with all the memes. I try my best to ignore it all. I don't think I want to leave though. These people are going to die and keep failing and if everyone who knows how to play leaves, I swear to God this ship is going to end up like Pioneer 1. I am going to have to work double time to make sure these people don't die.


Ship 1 has a mix of old/new players, most CBT players are here. Ship 2 is full of JP players. Ship 3 is what some people are trying to make into the unofficial EU ship. Ship 4 (if it gets opened up) will be the RP ship. As for the other ships (Ship 5&6), those will be where some PC players that want to avoid the "headstart" and "established markets" will go to.

As someone who's played JP for 3-4 years, the Xbox 3 month headstart means nothing, and the market is only 3 months old. I would recommend going to 1-3, to be honest. I'm on Ship 1 personally, since I participated in the CBT.

Was it ship 5 or 6 in Japan where all those Pervs took over? Cause it sure feels like they mixed with the RP in ship 1. (talking about all those Dantes/Kiritos/Virgils/Agame and other Anime/Video Game + a little bit of weirdness. (Not always bad.)

Also I don't think there was much to the cbt, I got on played a little bit but didn't complete the challenges for the items due to work (HCW, I was swamped with workflow when the C-19 Hit). I know market,xp,and other stuff ended up rising but I do think eventually maybe the rps will move from here to a different server. Not that it effects gameplay though.