Message to All GM's


First off let me thank you for all that you do. I hope that any post after this by members in this community also start off the same way out of gratitude and respect to all of you.

I have been very curious regarding what Gm's actually do, or better phrased, what they are allowed to do. This matter is not regarding obviously MODERATION in the forum but outside in the game.

A couple of times I found out some cool bits of information like that moderators can access locked rooms and alliances and some other neat stuff, but I am also wondering what do you do when you log on? This question wasn't very much priority until a couple of days when a GM was on and just sat down and I am guessing moderated/observed the block. Someone asked a question and they said they where not allowed to do that, I.e Join an Alliance. Someone else told me as a Moderator they play and try and grind for certain gear but that they are having trouble with it dropping. But do you play on your GM account or do you have to make a separate account to go through loopholes?

I guess if you can't join an alliance and you have friends are you still able to play and run missions with them? Would that mean you did have to create a separate character that does not have GM control? From my time in Warframe the only difference with GM's is that they had a Purple text when talking but everything was allowed for them. They could play, trade and do anything as long as it didn't break rules/guidelines.

Do you guys play when on the Job or is there a set thing you guys have to do first before you play. I know in a few cases a lot of you really love the game and really love playing it. But I do hope your not being singled out or segregated from the player base.

I really hope this is not to personal and I understand if you don't reply or if you all decided to delete the thread. I just wanted to hear it from the "Rappies beak".

I also started feeling a bit bad considering what you can and can't do. I do hope you have friends you play with but this is true to you and anyone else reading this. Feel free to hit me up and play even if you can't join my alliance or don't want to. Even if you can't join voice party or send a message to your party. Headset or not, different language or gender or anything. I know a lot of people sometimes have to play alone for reasons, and if that's the case and you see me on please feel free to hit me up. I am always down to play. Again this is to anyone here or a Lonely GM.

But I guess the best thing would be to hold off before you reply. I know how busy you are with actual work and it's not like you can reply to every single thing. Maybe read some of the things other members are curious about and answer as much as you can or want to. And if not, that's okay and just thank you for everything you do. I am also sorry for the irony of singling all the GM's out. We are all people and part of the PSO community.


GMs do not use their GM Accounts (Yes, "account" not simply just a "character") to "Play the game." They have a separate normal account they use for that. There was a post about this by a GM in another thread.

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GMs do not use their GM Accounts (Yes, "account" not simply just a "character") to "Play the game." They have a separate normal account they use for that. There was a post about this by a GM in another thread.

Oh thank you, I did search but was only able to find the thread about how to become a GM, a few spot the GM, and who are the people with the GM over their name vs fake people and a ton of support posts and. Do you happen to remember the post name?

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Do you happen to remember the post name?

Thank you, I haven't had the time to read that one yet. I guess I will start.

By any chance this makes me think a little bit to. By any chance are GM's also have to create a Whole new User account in the forum? I.E are you perhaps a GM?

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I.E are you perhaps a GM?

No. I just had a good idea to make a mega-thread, and the GMs stickied it. I'm just really observant sometimes and come off less emotional than most people when I clarify / etc. things.

I honestly wouldn't want to be a GM myself. I've been a moderator on a Minecraft server once, and it's not all fun and games.

@coldreactive You come off as one tbh, I guess it comes from veterans knowing veterans? I have a long past with moderation and Administrations. Which Is why I was curious about limitations. Again For example on Warframe it wasn't account locked and your account was your account weather you where a Gm or not. Other Games like Gunz The duel you had to create 2 characters. 1 Had all the Access controls and was more Job duty related where you had to punch in and a timer ticked away as you played. Moderation and Administration requires a lot of time and Love, especially for the game and website. I am old man IMO, and I lived that life already and I rather be helpful and try to lessen the burden of other, and I at the same time not be restricted to saying my honest opinions. But Our GM's have all been for the most part down to Earth and a pleasure to speak with and interact. I just want them to know that they are never alone, and bring them in to our side just a bit enough so they don't have to stress so much. Once the thing you love becomes stressful and heavy on the work you start enjoying it less and eventually stop loving it as much. Though It's more than 12 years for a lot of them.

Also I read through all of it, and though it does share light into; What type of player base the characters that are chosen by the GM's and that The GM'S will most likely make a secret (their account) and what ship they want to be in (outside of their GM/ALL SHIPS) it still also shows quite written that they are under contract and agreement to not break any info and such. Again They posted on there some limitation on playing but haven;t actually answered any of the questions regarding what they can an can not do within their power and outside their accounts. Again, Not that it really matters, but I guess this Thread can stand on it's own. Though a Question and answer sticky would be cool if this is to improper.