Not reciving items from personal shop

So I bought a base wear from the personal shop, but the item cannot be found anywhere.


There where 3 other posts that already have this topic. Luckily it happened again to me and I recorded it. I was able to see what happens now. If will say that there was a problem buying the item when it should say you bought the item and it kicks you out of the personal shop but leaves the item still in the item shop. You have to hurry and get it again unless someone else buys it before you. I think what is happening is that 2 people are buying it at the same time, and instead of it saying the item is unavailable and being taken out, it kicks all party trying to buy it and it's a race to buy it again.

Unless your issue is the same as the others one where your meseta is also missing and no item found.

@ERICK001BC Yup my meseta is missing n so is the item 😞

If it's not to late try and capture the moment so you have some proof and they can investigate. Open a ticket and report the problem. It has been happening to certain people.

That happened to me too, how do you open a ticket?

@AR53N1C9 3.PNG 2.PNG 1.PNG Follow the prompts.