Alright it's been long enough, why are there still missing PAs?

Even though I think it's past due, I'm not referring to the lack of crafting and whatnot but I believe that sword and bow are each still missing 1 PA that is usually aqcuired from Ultimate Quests (not currently available in NA). However, all other weapons that have PAs from Ultimate Quests (Knuckle's Heartless Impact, Partizan's Rain of Tears, Jet Boot's Jetsweep Kick) have been made available in some alternate way. I know for a fact that PAs have had their drop tables slightly altered to fit the current amount of content that NA has access to but it seems like these slipped through the cracks. Is there any news on when these should be available/where they should be from?

This is a good question, and I'll submit it to the team for investigation.