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I'm assuming this is the one you watched:

That is correct.

well then, since the last anime left you unsatisfied... I more than recommend this one as it does the game more justice... just watch the first episode and you'll be hooked alright. xD

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(Even though the title "PSO2 Anime" is a bit more truthful to PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2: THE ANIMATION than PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2: EPISODE ORACLE.)

That's more that I did not know there was a newer one, truth be said. I know you're jesting around but I don't see the malice. 😝

No malice intended.

If you didn't like PSO2 The animation, GET READY FOR EPISODE 4 lol (at least the first half of it...).

Oracle was by far better than the 2016 anime. But let's get this straight, the 2016 anime wasn't really tying into the pso2 game. It was an isekai anime that the players were spirited into the pso2 universe. Oracle is a perspective of the games story line. Unfortunately for the us, the anime industry didn't see enough of a viewer base to continue with any more seasons of Oracle.

I've already watched both PSO2 the Animation, as well as episode Oracle.

I wander if they will continue with more seasons of the anime.

The funny thing is that anyone can tell that the anime was literally created to bring more people to play PSO2.

There's no doubt about that.

But the anime did its job and even after a lot of screw-ups the game, it turned out well.

I would like to know with the next few episodes, will an anime will be around for those episodes.

I'm sure that the anime was popular enough to come out with 2 seasons. So by the time we get PSO2 New Genesis, that there will be an anime for that too.

So I hope that this thread keeps going, putting more info on future seasons of PSO2 anime.

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Yes, I do have the soundtrack from the Oracle anime, digital. Both volumes to be exact. (I actually have the soundtrack from the 2016 Anime as well, It's pretty good.)

I have have been trying my hardest to find a digital version of this soundtrack for the longest time but with no luck at all. In particular, I am really wanting to hear the full version of Theme of PERSONA. Where did you get them? I know importing is a pain but I was thinking that I could get them digitally with a VPN or something.

@LostCiv I bought the physical copies, I have no idea if there are digital versions for sale.