How do you price weapons and units

I have been saving high star and anything with 5 or more augments How do I price them out to sell on the shop ? When I check market price there is such a wide gap in prices and I can’t figure out what to price them for.

Is there a site I can put in all the details of what I want to sell and it will tell me what I should sell it at ?

When you put stuff up for sale there's an option to search for items with similar augments. You can use that to gauge your prices somewhat.

well 10* with no augments or crappy augments , compare item and don't undersell what an excube is worth.

12 star, kinda the odd man out. they're not worth a ton but you can't do much with them but sell them.

Augments get tricky. If you have an item with say 4 or 5 amazing augments (modulatore, etc..) it can be really valuable. To get a handle, select the item and search by augment pricing.

Usually, if we are talking weapons and units, it is double what the market (in game) offers to buy it from you price.

Souls and more augs = more $

Weapons and units are usually based on what augments they have as well as the number of slots. Something to keep in mind is that augments and number of slots are somewhat linked when it comes to price so they have to both be taken into account. For exemple, on JP the augment "Ex Ares Soul" goes for 315k on a 6-slot unit but drops to 50k on a 5 slot.