Was Hyped for the NA release..but now

well I can say this much, this community has helped me rekindle my excitement


Like all games, it also depends on your company. I hope we didn't scare you off, but at least gave you enough honesty where you can at least give it a chance and see if it's for you.

To be fair, The gamecube never worried about fashion, and yes a few option have been removed to premium that used to be part of the game; the game itself is very much enjoyable without the cosmetics.

@ErinXh With new items, I saw recolored item as new too. So if we only count newly designed items, there certainly are many cases with 1:3 or greater ratio. So I take back my comment of saying your post as exaggerating.

I think counting only new designs is quite fine. After all, those are where most of the cost for the designers team will go.

That being said, the following are some thoughts of me. I don't agree with you on these points, but these won't change the figures greatly, so I understand your point.

(1) Rounding up the ratio is not my choice. I won't say 1:3.9 as 1:4 in this case. But that's just my choice, I understand your choice.

(2) I'm a bit questionable about how PSUBlog counts the items. Taking College Cute Looks as an example.

In this case, they count (亞悪巣制服F[Ou] | Delinq-ARKS F [Ou]) as 1 item. I suppose your figures also counting this as one. But this item is actually a set of 6 color variations of the same outerware. I can't see why they count color variations of outerware/outfit as 1, but color variations of baseware or innerware as 6 (or whatever the count is).

If I count color variations of outerwares as 6 or 3 (the case ofギャル風制服[Ou] | Gyaru Uniform [Ou]), then the count of new items will be female 60 and male 24, I suppose. Not as big your figure, but there still is a big gap.

(3) For the cases of ratio of 1:5, if they are not a common case, I wish you would have added some note on that. I read your post as saying 1:5 ratio is also a common case, that's the first reason I felt like "exaggerating?".

Anyway, while checking out what you said, I noticed that my view was quite biased. I never expected Spirial Armament having that few male items, even if I've collected most of the items from that scratch. It was a good experience for me 😃