Share your extremely fortunate/unfortunate events

I'll start with my unfortunate event. Beware Episode 3 final boss spoilers.

This happened to me a few days ago. You know how the last couple of missions in Episode 3 are actually meant for level 80+ players, but our level cap is currently 75? Well I was too stubborn to give up and do them on casual difficulty, so those two missions were destroying me. I don't consider myself an expert or advanced player, I'm kind of beginner to intermediate level. But still too stubborn to lower the difficulty. Anyway, I eventually got past the first one once I upgraded my gear, but the next one ("Plotting the Ultimate Defense" - the boss fight against Dark Falz Apprentice Zia) tore me apart in seconds. So, I did what one does, and kept trying. After a few hours with no success, I remembered that the damage calculation practice quest existed. So I tried that to see what my best weapon was for focusing on one enemy at a time (since the strat is to ignore everything but the two corrupted AIS). In my previous attempts, I had been using the Knuckles (I'm a Fi/Hu). I ended up doing the most damage with Twin Daggers, so I went with those. That made things SO much easier. The Twin Daggers cut through those two AIS like paper compared to the Knuckles. The damage output is similar, but certain Twin Daggers PAs have iframes out the wazoo (Facet Folia) so you end up getting hit a lot less by the swarm of mobs and can keep up your DPS.

So, I had finally figured out the optimal way to play this quest. Surely there was no stopping me now.

I was on a particularly good run. I quickly acquired my AIS and used two of them up to their time limit. I was now on my last AIS. I used my laser and whaled on the boss for a few minutes while the laser charged back up. Unfortunately I ended up taking a good bit of damage while this was happening. But the boss was on low health. All it would take was one more laser attack, and a bit more whaling if that didn't finish it off. Finally, my laser finished charging. The moment it was ready, I pressed the button. The laser started charging up... and then my AIS died. It turned out that the boss was using its own laser attack and I was too busy watching my laser's cooldown timer to notice, and just walked right into the boss's laser.

But it wasn't over yet. I hopped out of my exploding AIS and rushed the boss with my trusty Twin Daggers. The events that proceeded were as follows:

I did eventually end up beating it after a few more tries. I tried making sure I was at high HP before finishing off the boss, but it's useless unless you actually finish in an AIS.

Thanks for listening to my venting! If you have any of your own fortunate/unfortunate events you want to gush/vent about, be sure to share them! I was initially only going to ask for unfortunate events, but I wanted to mix in some positivity.

@zek6011 the enemy levels being level 80 doesn't mean the character levels are meant to be!

My misfortune struck in the tune of enhancing gear when I was tired. Accidentally fed my Avenger to a different weapon.

At least it wasn't affixed...😭

@John-Paul-RAGE I read in another post on this forum that these missions were released in JP when the level cap was 80. Maybe I'm just bad, but personally I found them extremely difficult (until I dedicated some time to figuring out the strats). Point is, I spent a lot of time trying to beat it, then THAT happened and murdered my soul.

Also, rest in peace to that Avenger.