Happy for PC release, But where is the content?

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They are sworn to secrecy under high contracts. Like The walking dead cast about who is next to die. You better know Japanese if you plan on seeing any of the tweets/info to find out those leaks.

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Are you allowed to tell us if gameguard is going to be in the NA version of the PC release?

Unless the GameGuard version was specifically coded for our version of PSO2 NA, it's unlikely. As there are too many differences between our versio nand the JP version to use the same instance of GameGuard. From word of mouth alone, I've already seen a fundamental change on how the character select / ship selection system differs. IE: You create a character first before selecting a ship rather than after selecting a ship.

In addition, the game connects to Microsoft Servers to get your Microsoft Account, rather than having SEGA directly have you use a SEGA Account of sorts. Not to mention pointing to different game servers entirely, different protocols, etc.

Most bots easily get around these anti cheat systems, even in-game ones like Mabinogi's CAPTCHA Bomb item, where bots simply ignore the CAPTCHA input and never get booted despite never entering the CAPTCHA. Angels Online had to remove their in-game captcha system because it was hurting player experience. (Extreme outcry from users.) That MMORPG is Chinese-run despite being English.

Sorta... one of the main deciding factors on whether GameGuard will be available in NA is whether the PC release will be a regular EXE or a UWP app. Several factors point to the possibility that the PC NA version will be a UWP app rather than a regular EXE file like in the Japanese version. Unless SEGA reached out to nProject GameGuard to code a special version of GameGuard capable of running on a UWP app, there is little chance that the game might use it in the NA version.

Now a small correction... PSO2's server software would not be as radically changed as you might think. Microsoft Azure is simply a server-hosting platform and PSO2's server software already supports load balancing, making whatever integration with MS Azure more streamlined. At best, the major changes is replacing the SEGA ID authentication system (authenticate with the SEGA ID servers that other games use) with Xbox Live as well as recent discovery of some systems being replaced with Xbox Live integration such as the messaging and friend list system... these are the only thing being handled through the Xbox Live servers.

Other than that though, I highly doubt that the migration to MS Azure required SEGA to unnecessarily redefine every protocol and packet... at best, the client's simply being redirected to the new server and the NA client may contain some additional NA exclusive packets.

Well, new non-urgent quest content has been released, they have shadow dropped the Naberius and Lillipa Ultimate Quests (great marketing though, not announcing these would be released).

@Leonkh99 Games out now.. what's the verdict, guys? Gameguard or no gameguard?

@AceSpider It has gameguard and uses the same launcher as JP.

The MS store only downloads a part of the game, around 10GB or so, the rest is handled by the launcher, but this hasn't stopped widespread issues from happening (as seen in the tech support forum).

@Ezodagrom I think installing most of the game through their own launcher is the culprit for a lot of the issues.

The MS store uses UWPs with specific permissions to handle updates and installations for specific accounts through Microsoft service packages.

@Ezodagrom lol. Wow.. what a dumpster fire. I went and looked at the tech support page after you said something. It's almost like using ancient kernel level anticheat is a really stupid idea.

Unfortunately it's going to have to be a hard pass from me. I use my computer for work and a variety of other things and I can't run the risk of installing what is essentially a rootkit on my machine.

@AceSpider Def wait until things get fixed out.

So I hope the new difficulty has made things a little better?