Duplicated accidentally?

I pulled out some 10% augment aids 4 to be exact, went to go store them back and when i clicked to deposit it popped up to deposit 99. Now i have 160 10% augment aids, i didint know where els to post this so.

@AhegaoFaces-uwu can you recall when you last deposited Augment Aid 10% in your storage?

They are a pretty common reward and often go straight into your inventory, so they pile up pretty fast.

If you feel very certain that you did not already have any in your inventory, I would submit a ticket through support detailing everything you can remember surrounding the event.

Don't post the specifics around what happened publically just in case it is something redundant.

Also, the correct place for reporting a bug on the forum is the bug report sub-thread. This post may get moved there, just a heads up.

@John-Paul-RAGE thank you, and yeah i had 65 in my inventory pulled out the 4 to use then went to go deposit them back in and said 99