State of the Game

Ok so this if for people to discuss the state of the games current player count and content, I stopped playing for about a month and when I returned the lobby's seemed...vacant to say the least. Is this just me or is the player base in a state of deflux?

Likely others doing the same as yourself.

End of April - early May is a busy time of year, especially with the current state of the US.

It's also the summer time and some states are beginning to reopen activities due to the current pandemic. It's possible a good chunk of people have cabin fever and are taking the time to get out of their house. (I certainly would.)

Also, some could just be burned out on the current content we have. I assume plays will return once we begin to get some new content.

More people have returned with the recent Shaq event, but it's not going to be how it was the first month. The only people who are around are the hardcore, fashion population and the newer players that started late mainly. Game is not in the best spot content/difficulty wise right now as you stated already.

Same as you, some people took a break ... will probably come back. The population is not big enough for overlap yet, when PC joins that may or may not change. As (if) the game expands to other platforms you will see on/off season populations improve.

The game is effectively not even released yet without PC.

I'd expect those servers to be quite populated come next week... 🙂

@GM-Deynger said in State of the Game:

I'd expect those servers to be quite populated come next week... 🙂

Hopefully we'll get some new servers too, just in case.

I think the game is ultimately fine. There will be an influx of new players next week, and the following week many of them will be doing what we've been doing the past 2 months. So those that have stuck it out and somehow still enjoy farming shaq50, you'll have some fresh blood. I think it'll be nice having some vhaq activity to finish up leveling my last two classes.

due to the virus, i had an unusual amount of time to spend on this game when it came out. So, as much as i want to criticize it for lack of content, I had an extra 20 hours or so a week to spend playing it that I don't have in normal world. That said, the game is now at a point, i'd say the last two weeks where the content is really stale for a majority of players. IF the uq's offered any sort of incentive it'd be worth it but doing despair a couple times is enough because there's no carrot to chase, it's the same loot.

i really hope they release a rodmap or just some encouragement to drive up my desire to play more. I honestly still play a lot, but it's not fun, i just don't have the energy at my age for fortnite, apex, etc..

@GM-Deynger Um....content update confirmed?

@Bossinater101 depends on what you interpret as "content".

There will be a new AC Scratch and a new Urgent Quest. It should be Magatsu at a minimum, which would mark the start of Episode 3, but that is speculation at the time being.

@John-Paul-RAGE Well it appears I have some grinding to do 🙃

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