PSO2 PC Release Date Announced (May 27th) + Miku Collab

Forbes posted a news article, PSO2 PC is apparently planned for release around May 27th.

If the pattern is the same as last time (how news articles began posting about the game 'officially launching'), we should see this appearing on other news sites as well.

"Additionally, Sega is announcing PSO2’s first in-game collaboration since launch (besides the Sonic-themed costume packs) with Hatsune Miku!"

My body is ready. I'm so excited.

Hmm, interesting choice. Do wonder which Hatsune Miku collab it is. The original one from 2012, the one with Megurine Luka or perhaps a totally new one.

Most likely not the 3rd option.

EDIT: Nevermind, it's the Megurine Luka one, reading the article.

Great that we finally have a release date!

Would have been much better if we had a three day weekend to start off, but I'll take a release date either way!!

Means the Twitter will announce it at 12ish today most likely.

Strange that they let this writer release the news before them. Doing news updates is a way to build followers/awareness, but they let this guy have the glory instead.

@John-Paul-RAGE I hate everything about Forbes.

It's a little weird that they did any kind of event prior to release. Why are they going through content and catering to the <1% that play from an xbox?

@IzzyData it's weird they would have events during their exclusivity with a platform?

@John-Paul-RAGE The servers you will connect to on PC will still be from Microsoft. This isn't like those silly console war "exclusives". It's the same thing, minus all of the players to actually generate them any money.

They had nothing to gain from excluding all the players.

@IzzyData there is no evidence of anyone being excluded.

The concert schedule only goes until the 26th because during maintenance a new schedule will be posted.

Automatically assuming the worst is a bad look.

@John-Paul-RAGE I'm unsure what you are talking about now. I think you have misunderstood something.

@IzzyData I assumed your observation was in relation to the Hatsune Miku event since this thread was regarding the release date announcement and the Hatsune Miku "collab".

@John-Paul-RAGE Well, you made some incorrect assumptions. It was only about the PC release date and past events.

I'm so pumped about the Miku Collab, enough though us poor PC players are going to miss the concerts. >.<