Friend Avatar (Partner) Setup Guide


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Friend Avatars or FAs (Partners on JP) are AI copies of your character at the time of registration. These are the same as Free Avatars, which are Friend Avatars for non-friended players. This guide goes over the optimal way to set them up.

You can access your Friend Avatar via: (Visiphone > Friend Avatars > Add Friend Avatar). You can review the current setting with Check Friend Avatar!

Registration will take note of: Class & Subclass, Skill Trees, Equipped Weapons, Weapon Palettes & Units, Mag, Consumables in inventory, Skills & Techs placed on Subpalettes, Fashion & Weapon Camo. Also, Auto Chat settings.

Personalities are just cosmetic! Options are: Brave Spirit, Show-off, Withdrawn, Leadership, Clumsy Kid, Elder-Like, Sickly, Fearless, Innocent, Airhead, Intellectual

Attributes affect alertness and accuracy.

Here's what we currently have:

  • Early Bird: Increased Activity from 6AM ~ 6PM
  • Night Owl: Increased Activity from 6PM ~ 6AM
  • Sun Lover: Increased Activity during Clear Skies
  • Cloud Lover: Increased Activity during Cloudy Skies. May apply to all weather conditions?
  • Big Game Hunter: Increased Activity/Accuracy during Boss/Mini Boss Fights
  • Small Game Hunter: Increased Activity/Accuracy when battling small enemies
  • Underdog Lover: Increased Activity/Accuracy when HP is low
  • Slow Starter: Increased Activity/Accuracy after fighting a certain number of enemies
  • Lonely Soul: Increased Activity/Accuracy when two or more characters are close by Recommended
  • Hot & Cold Personality Tsundere on JP: Increased Activity/Accuracy partner affection is high. Their affection increases when you take them out on quests. They will use star atomizers more and cast Resta when your HP is low. Recommended
  • Wild Hunter: Increased Activity/Accuracy when fighting Nab. Natives
  • Falspawn Hunter: Increased Activity/Accuracy when fighting Darkers
  • Mech Hunter: Increased Activity/Accuracy when fighting Mechs
  • Draconian Hunter: Increased Activity/Accuracy when fighting Dragons
  • Oceanid Hunter: Increased Activity/Accuracy when fighting Oceanids
  • **Nightfaller Hunter Increased Activity/Accuracy when fighting Harukotans

Titles: are similar, but affect specific skill or action usage.

We currently have:

  • Resuscitation: May revive instantly upon death. Recommended
  • Ready for War: Weapons set up in advance, may use Shifta
  • Full Defence: May use Deband
  • Rage: Will automatically use Shifta and Deband when a party member dies.
  • Recovery and Support: There's an extremely rare chance it will use a moon atomizer when a party member dies. Recommended
  • Condition Master: Increased use of Resta and Star Atomizers. Adds random status effects to its attacks.Recommended
  • Human Lover: Will use Shifta and Deband at fixed intervals around human characters
  • CAST Lover: Will use Shifta and Deband at fixed intervals around Casts
  • Newman Lover: Will use Shifta and Deband at fixed intervals around Newmans
  • Deuman Lover: Will use Shifta and Deband at fixed intervals around Deumans
  • Guy Chaser: Will use Shifta and Deband at fixed intervals around male characters
  • Skirt Chaser: Will use Shifta and Deband at fixed intervals around female characters

Best Class Combos:

  • Te/Fo – Healing / Buffing / DPS
  • Te/Ra – Healing / Buffing / Weak Bullets
  • Su/X – Healing / Buffing / Pet Use (High Activity)

Summoners Notes:

  • FA will summon the lowest number pet in the weapon palette
  • Highest attack rate vs other Classes as a FA
  • However, will not switch to another pet when the pet dies. Instead it will flail its harmonizer
  • You can counter this by putting techs in the subpalette
  • Personality of pets and most candies is unused. Pancakes being the exception.
  • Attack power is determined by the level of the character

General Notes:

  • You can only register one FA per ship. So, if you go to register a FA on a second character, it will overwrite the original character’s registration.
  • FAs can be called in a block regardless of 190p limit. However, they will take note of Quest player cap and cannot be called if a quest is at the maximum 12 players. As such, they can also consume the player count of quests, so be aware of this when joining quests on higher difficulties where spots in quests are coveted.
  • HP is boosted 7 times
  • The PP pool is infinite
  • FAs do not recognize if they have status abnormalities (non-elemental) and will not use Anti or Sol Atomizers on themselves
  • FAs do not take damage from traps or gimmicks on the field. However, pets will.
  • Damage works off a different calculation compared to playing it yourself. Damage tends to be lower and Non-Player Partners damage is terrible.
  • Perfect attack, dodge, perfect block, and weapon action are not used.
  • Class Boosts are disabled
  • When summoned, FAs will be scaled down to your current level
  • If you have not unlocked subclasses, then all FA subclass levels will be at level 1.
  • PAs and Techs are fixed at level 1.
  • FA will use Techs registered in all palettes regardless of weapon type, however when using a tech weapon they will only use techs unless there are no techs registered, then they will use the striking attack.
  • FAs will charge most Techs to max and sometimes will fire them off at max charge without charging
  • Most PAs that increase damage or number of hits are used without mashing
  • Jet Boots are not used to their potential, as FAs will not use the weapon action
  • FAs will only use items registered in the subpalette and will spawn with a maximum of those items, regardless of amount on hand at registration. This can be reset by recalling the FA at the Gateway Ship after using a Telepipe.
  • Boost, buff and items bought with AC will not be used by the FP
  • Auto words work with FPs


  • FA will use Weapons 1-6 and will be unarmed if no weapons are registered
  • FA will prioritise weapon #1, but will prioritise others as follows:
  • Melee weapon > Gunblade (sword mode) > Range weapon, Gunblade (gun mode) > Melee weapon
  • If multiple of one type of weapon are registered, it will always choose the lower number in the registered weapon list
  • If a weapon is in the air, the FA may change to a ranged weapon.
  • Weapon rarity, weapon attack power, enhancement value, attribute value, potential, crafting status changes are not reflected.
  • In terms of Damage ranking: rod> talis> wand> jet boots >> other Melee / Range weapons
  • Skill Rings are disabled, although some will work when applying onto a unit in the future
  • FAs are unaffected by stats on units.
  • However, you can boost stats with Attack boost and Stamina affixes.


  • Book 01 is used, potentially focusing on Page 01 primarily.
  • Resta, Anti, PB, Shifta, Deband, Sol Atomizer, Star Atomizer
  • Items are more reliable than using techs
  • Stances are inconsistent as the FA will cycle them randomly

Recommended PAs and Techs:

  • Ragrants – Damage & Panic Status, good with Light mastery
  • Na / Gigrants – Short range, Can hitstun and potentially slow enemies
  • Razan – Knockdown tech
  • Ilzan – Short range, but can vacuum enemies together and knockdown
  • Barta / Gibarta – Can freeze enemies, perfect range when paired with Lonely Soul personality
  • Sabarta – Good with Ice Mastery, smaller AoE, but can freeze smaller targets
  • Ilmegid – Does wide range AOE, can seek out enemies
  • Ilfoie – Hard hitting AOE, 1-2 second cast
  • Zanverse – Ground buff circle that boost damage
  • Megiverse – Allows FA to heal while damaging

Other PAs, Techs & Skills to consider:

  • Weak Bullet (Skill): FAs will use these if you have a Rifle with Weak Bullet on your Subpalette. However, they fire randomly and can cancel out other players WB. Do not bring a FA with this if you have a player covering this role.
  • Cluster Shot & Rocket Rodeo: Big damage, but low use
  • Satellite Cannon: FA will use half charged. Low range, low use.
  • Desperado Dance: Great PA, never used as FAs tend to use regular shots
  • Unspoken Barbarity: This is a Katana AOE Stun. Can be useful if the FA uses it.
  • IlBarta: Decent damage, can help stack Ilbarta damage multiplier debuff. FA can cancel out the finisher.
  • Nafoie: Used quickly, decent damage, leaves fire on the floor.
  • Namegid: Good damage, but charge locks the FA

Mag Setup:

  • FAs are unaffected by Mag Stats
  • Appearance, Trigger Actions, Auto Actions and PBs will stay as registered. To update, reapply registration of FP.
  • Energy is always at 100% and will not decrease
  • Cetus Proi for AoE PP Regen
  • HP Recovery A or B for Trigger Actions
  • Megid or Grants for Attack
  • If equipped with a Mag that has a PB, it will activate and chain the PB without needing to be registered to the subpalette

What to do before registering:

  • Have you set the right class & subclass?
  • Are the correct skill trees selected?
  • Is Subpalette Book 01, Page 01 selected?
  • Have you registered skills, techs and items into the subpalette?
  • Have you registered the correct weapons into palettes 1-6?
  • Have you got a Pet set if you’re a Summoner?
  • Have you removed any inappropriate weapons?
  • Are the items on the subpalette in your inventory?
  • Is your fashion set? Weapon Camo?
  • Have you selected the right Attribute & Title?
  • Consider saving a loadout for your FA with the Class Consultant
  • Consider listing the build in the FA description
  • If this all checks out, you’re good to go!


As a word of caution. Friend Avatars don't actually cast Custom/Zero Techs:

Sometimes, however, their AI seems to think they're using Zero Techs. This makes making a Techter that uses melee more so not possible currently. In addition, they will use Foie and Barta despite not having them assigned. If you plan to go melee support with your friend avatar, I'd recommend going Bouncer with Jet Boots for the time being. I'd recommend Summoner.

If you really want to keep Techter. I recommend waiting until Blood React Jet Boots come out (or similar) and use those with Techter Main and Bouncer Sub. Since your Friend Avatar will likely actually use things.

oh this is very nice will adjust my friend avatar an even make a loadout for it so when i want to update the look i wont have to redo my set up

I did manage to get jet boots my Friend Avatar could equip as Techer main, and I wrote down some observations as to what she did differently in the other thread:

She still doesn't cast Zero Ramegid nor Zero Nabarta though. If this doesn't change, the best bet might be to use Techer/Summoner (With an all-class Harmonizer) or Te/Ra.