PSO2 Rated T for Teen updated on site

So the Microsoft Store wasn't lying. Now people can't say "This is M for Mature and we can do whatever we want".

I mean judging from TOS, people should have seen this coming. But at least, now we know this game is fully Rated T for Teen.

The question is, are we going to see some reduction on people dressing up in adult figure?


I doubt it, considering that Behind the Dusk stuff came out. It's not the worst in terms of being lewd, but it is slootwear. Honestly the game really didn't deserve to be M-rated. Outside of the costumes and the gacha, it really doesn't have any content that deems it M-rated worthy. Blood is legit in almost every popular MMO, drug/alcohol references are also in games like FF14 and it's T-rated, too. Then there's sexual content, which is probably why it could of been rated the way it was, but even then they could of either censored or not introduce costumes that might of been considered too mature for a T-rated game.

Looking at the difference between the M rating that was at the bottom of the page and the current T, it looks like the only difference (aside from some visual formatting) is the removal of Blood and addition of Language.

As far I can recall, Episodes 1 to 4 don't have any instances of red blood (you see some black blood here and there if I recall), but you do see it in Episode 5, so maybe because Episode 5 content isn't accessible yet, they were able to get it removed from the rating and dropped to a T?

Another thing to note is that the game hasn't actually been officially rated by the ESRB yet, or it would be listed in their game database. The current rating is likely just a preliminary one and likely won't receive an actual rating until NA catches up with JP. They likely had to get the rating only because it is a requirement to release on any console's digital store or even to release on the console at all. On PC, it isn't mandatory, though. It is possible to get temporary ratings, though, before getting it finalized that don't appear in their database.

Now that I think about it, Didn't the gamecube version show blood on the floor after you killed an enemy?I am sure there was a small puddle and you could have choose the color to be red, blue, green, purple? Maybe I should load it up this weekend.

@ERICK001BC Thou are correct, the color of the blood depends on the type of monster. (Native = Red, A.Beast = Green, Dark = Purple.)

@ErinXh said in PSO2 Rated T for Teen updated on site:

@ERICK001BC Thou are correct, the color of the blood depends on the type of monster. (Native = Red, A.Beast = Green, Dark = Purple.)

Well, at least I know I am not as crazy as I thought. Thank you. I have noticed a lack of blood on this game, except for the Thanos Ash.

Previous thread I made about it when official launch occurred.

The Japanese version goes to our equivalent of 'M' today in accordance with their new COVID-19 impacted schedule.

I am willing to bet the big mesetas ours bumps back up to M either later tonight or after maintenance next week.

"Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB."