Evolution of pets

Does anybody know if there is a way to evolve the pet? Are the Jinga, Aero, Popple or Rappy available yet? Also how do you evolve a redran from 8 to 9? I did a search in player shops and there was no 9's of the redran available. It is hard to believe that if they were available that there would be none for sale.

Please don't buy eggs in shops. It's a huge profit for me, but i die a little inside when i clear my inventory of eggs i've collected (some of them in the 50k range). You cannot purchase any pets above 9* in the player market.

There are collection folders that allow you to upgrade your pets to 10 star (3 of them i think).

You can upgrade wanda to 10* jenga from there and it's honestly the only pet you need in the game maxed out right now.

The rest are drops. for any UQ, or expedition/subquest view the quest log and item information. It will tell you what pets drop where.

12* wanda drops forest for example. There's a couple 13*'s a swell, i've only see the rappy on pso day though. I've heard people claiming to see some 13* pets drop off luther etc..but I haven't seen any.