Getting kicked from server during events

I keep getting kicked from the game in the middle of events! It's frustrating to be in the middle of battling just to get kicked from the game.

My internet is just fine and it let's me back into the game with no problem but what the heck is going on?

Your not the only one. Happening to alot of folks right now including myself. All we can do is keep reporting it.

Happened to my sister. Where you playing a big block server like 1-3?

In my experience it doesn't matter if it's a populated block or not. Happens on low population blocks as well. I noticed after a disconnect that the pso2 website was having issues as well. This could be chalked up to a connection issue on my end however I was checking the website from a completely different network than my home network. Sega is definitely having some server issues on their end. In the last couple of days there have been offical forums posts, Reddit posts, Twitter posts and in game confirmation from lots of other players that this is happening to. I doubt that all these people with nothing in common are all having internet issues at the same time.

It literally just happened to me again at the end of the tower defense mission, I didn't even get to collect the rare drops from the mission. I'm so mad. All that work just down the drain.


Sorry to hear that, Well you can always open a support just to follow up. Also try clearing your cache and maybe reinstalling it.

I would recommend opening a support ticket as well. This was the response given to me about the issue.

We appreciate your time in letting us know your concern about this error no. 630 occurring. Firstly, we apologize for the inconvenience this has brought you. Regarding this matter, it is already a known issue and we are currently doing everything to fix this as soon as possible to bring you the best experience in playing the game.

@X-Ichimaru-X A response is better than nothing. And even though they are aware, more cases only help to best resolve the issue.