Dear Sega NA

Please make an option for summoners so their pets stop attacking the pillars on the Floating Continent. This is SO ANNOYING! singed, an annoyed pet owner.

Most pets have an PA that make them return to the side of the player (like Wanda Assault). Using such PA will stop them attacking the obelisks, I suppose.

Sorry to hear that it greatly inconvenienced you. We have already taken notice of your feedback and will discussed them with the team. 🙏

If summoners get special attention in this regard, then every class should have the option to not lock on to those things.

Yes @Nuebot , we will relay this matter to our team as a general feedback for targeting those pillars and not by the pet specifically.

You can go into OTS / over-The-Shoulder Mode as well as long as you know that you have to target an enemy's hitbox to attack them with a pet in said mode.