Question about Alliances ...

I was wondering... what happens when an officer attempts to use the "Change Alliance Name" option?

Does it send a confirmation request to the Alliance Leader, or can anyone with officer rank effectively hijack the name of an alliance? I want to promote people in my alliance, but feel like I don't know them well enough to give them that level of power.

Changing BGM, location, accessory, etc... all of that is trivial, but changing the alliance name seems like it should be reserved for alliance leader.

Any changes that are made to the Alliance will send out a Mail to all Alliance members, so if someone does change the name, you will know who it was, though I do not believe that changing it requires Leader approval or else the option would be Leader-only. This does mean that if anyone does so, you can demote or kick them if you feel they deserve it.

That said, there is a seven day cooldown on changing the name of the Alliance, so one way to potential block this is to slightly change the name yourself every week (like adding and removing a hyphen), though obviously this isn't an ideal solution.

If you can't put good faith in your Alliance members, then your only option is just to not promote them.

So, you have to trust your officers not to be trolls? Ugh... Come on Sega..... this is 2020.

Seriously... This might not mean much to players who lead or are in ridiculously named alliances... but, for those of us who have alliances named after already established fictional groups, it seems like a risk not worth taking.

I mean, knowing the player ID of the person who betrayed the alliance isn't good enough. As I said... it seems like a risk not worth taking.