Xbox one x frequent disconnects and game freezes

Hi, I have been playing pso2 since start of open beta, I am on Xbox one x, wireless connection with no issues until this past maintenance (may 12th). Since this maintenance I have been getting freeze ups, random disconnections whenever I try to play with others or even load into the ship. I have cleared my system catche, hard reset my console, tested my internet 127mg download/11mg upload all working fine. Xbox live has no issues connecting service or connection in ANY other online game. It’s solely to due with PSO2 client. It’s getting very frustrating; paid for 90 days premium and can barely play by myself.. no uq’s, no boosted advanced quests unless alone, otherwise disconnect. Love the game with almost 500 hours in to it and no issues until the past 72 hours. Please fix.

Your not the only one. Error 630 has plagued me for the last 2 weeks. Lots of people on ship 1 block 1 have been discussing the issue as well. It really sucks to put up caps for advance quests only to get disconnected mid quest. I suspect this has something to do with them prepping the servers for the pc players who will be joining us this month. This is not an equipment or isp related issue this is something with the pso2 servers. Please fix.

I have had about 3-4 crashes on my 1X in 1000hr of gameplay. Not a horrible ratio but one was just before loot from Luther. We do need more performance. Because of this I avoid block 1.

600 hrs here. It doesn't just happen on block 1 it happens on any and every block. No lag, no internet drop just instant boot and error 630. The pso2 team has stated they are aware of the issue and are working on it.

This has been going for about 3 weeks now. I am sure they are trying to fix it hopefully with the next big patch this Tuesday. I know I can't do that falswpawn den with my sister because she'll always get booted out during it. Maybe all the pse burst, and items not appearing because of volume crash hers. Yet She has the xbox 1 x I have the day 1?

Xbox one x here as well. Mine happens every 5 hours on the dot starting at 7 pm est ( I say starting cause I can't track it until after I get off work) . The next one happens at 12pm est and I imagine the next one would be 5am est and so on. On the bright side at least I know when they are going to happen.

@Bluewolf714 it is now september and pso2 keeps crashing every 10-15 mins on me ..but what is happens only after one of these spammers comes in. I don't know if it has anything to do with it but it is just a little odd to me the way the game crashes each time these spammers that sales mesatas when actually it is a free the game... But in the old days these sites were not really for sale but they were to get people's infos once connected to their site but anyways...yeah the game keeps crashing non-stop...