Client Orders doable with Mining Base Defense Operations: Despair

This is an attempt to list up client orders which can be done with the urgent quest Mining Base Defense Operations: Despair.

Client Orders of Lavere
Targets with (multi run) means that we may need more than one UQ run to meet the required count. Please note that if the level/DPS of the participants of the UQ are not enough, we may let some bosses escape and miss the kill count for them. Also it's possible that the MPA simply can't complete the 8 waves.

Area CO XP Target
2. Forest Falspawn Eradication I 5,000 Dagan x12 (multi run)
3. Volcanic Caves Falspawn Eradication II 7,000 Carthago x3
3. Volcanic Caves Falspawn Eradication III 7,000 Briarda x3 (multi run)
4. Desert Falspawn Eradication V 20,000 Gwanada
4. Desert Falspawn Eradication V 30,000 Dark Ragne
7. Floating Continent A Mild Case of Murder V 10,000 Gawonda x2, Guwonda x2
8. Ruins Bloody Ruins II 15,000 Cuchronahda x2, Cychronahda x2
8. Ruins Bloody Ruins III 30,000 Zeshraider
9. Dragon Altar Bloody Ruins IV 15,000 Dicahdr x5 (multi run)
9. Dragon Altar Bloody Ruins V 16,000 Predicahdr x2
10. Coast Eraser Report I 8,000 Shutrahda x10 (multi run)
10. Coast Eraser Report II 8,000 Tyraluda x10 (multi run)
10. Coast Eraser Report IV 10,000 Luda Sorcerer
11. Abandoned Mine Eraser Report V 25,000 Bryu Ringahda
12. Seabed Fervent Onslaught II 12,000 Solda Capita x2, Guru Solda x3, Dwe Solda x4
12. Seabed Fervent Onslaught III 15,000 Dekor Maryuda
16. Miscellaneous Aiming for Eradication I 25,000 Goldrahda x99
16. Miscellaneous Aiming for Eradication II 25,000 Fal Vibras
16. Miscellaneous Aiming for Eradication III 25,000 Vidrolda x10 (multi run)
16. Miscellaneous Aiming for Eradication IV 25,000 Solza Brahda x30

Client Orders of Lottie
Targets must have a corrupted core.

Area CO XP Target
4. Desert Berserk in the Desert III 10,000 Gwanada (VH+)
16. Miscellaneous Berserker Barrage 14,000 Any (SH)

Client Orders of Io
Targets must be defeated with a perfect attack.

Area CO XP Target
8. Ruins Perfect Attack Boot Camp X 10,000 Cuchronahda
10. Coast Perfect Attack Boot Camp VI 9,000 Luda Sorcerer

Client Orders of Girard
Rare enemies appear by chance, not always. Quest difficulty must be VH or higher. I've added the names of their regular species.

Area CO XP Target
4. Desert The Rarity that Dwells in the Black Sand 20,000 Gwanada Nero (Gwanada)
8. Ruins The Rarity With a Crimson Carapace 24,000 Rigshraider (Zeshraider)
11. Abandoned Mine The Elusive Crimson Dancer 32,000 Nove Ringahdarl (Bryu Ringahda)
12. Seabed The Elusive Seabed Nightmare 32,000 Nove Marydahl (Dekor Maryuda)
16. Miscellaneous A Gigantic Rare Falspawn 20,000 Dark Agrahni (Dark Ragne)
16. Miscellaneous The Elusive Crimson Carapace 25,000 Rinze Drahda (Goldrahda)
16. Miscellaneous The Elusive Vermilion Terror 35,000 Fal Rinzes (Fal Vibras)

Client Orders of Rubert
Targets must be defeated with an attack on their weak points. In this UQ, don't expect everyone stick to the attacks on the weak points. The orders of Rubert for Abandoned Mine and Seabed areas need to be unlocked one by one, starting from his first order for the area.

Area CO XP Target Weak Point
2. Forest Dagan's Weak Point 7,500 Dagan x3 (VH+) Red core in the center of its body
2. Forest Briada's Weak Point 7,500 Briada (VH+) Red core on the upper part of its body
3. Volcanic Caves Carthago's Weak Point 7,500 Carthago x3 (VH+) Red core on its back
11. Abandoned Mine Bryu Ringahda's Surprising Weak Point! 18,000 Bryu Ringahda (SH) Red core on its abdomen
12. Seabed Solda Capita's Surprising Weak Point! 11,000 Solda Capita (SH) Chest core
12. Seabed Guru Solda's Surprising Weak Point! 11,000 Guru Solda (SH) Chest core
12. Seabed Dekor Maryuda's Surprising Weak Point! 13,000 Dekor Maryuda (SH) One of its red cores

Thanks to the UQ CO list of JP PSO2 Wiki.クライアントオーダー%2F緊急クエスト用オーダー#zetsubou

Cool Thank you. I always hate how Urgent Quest don't actually have any client orders available because of randomness. Though I usually can clear around 5 per uq. This def helps a lot.

All right, fixed the OP and it's now complete as far as I know. If there are some mistakes, I appreciate the info.

@Fiona-Respha Looks good, to bad I can't take on all these quest at once. I mean you can always run it twice. Thank you again for it.

@ERICK001BC Glad it was of use! Still there aren't many days remaining for this quest 😢

The mob enemy orders of Lavere are usually cheap, but many of them can't be completed in one run, so can be ignored IMO. Honestly, I was just taking them to complete this list 😆

Well the quest/uq will come back after the rotations. So it still will be of use when it returns.